Let’s Talk About April

April is almost over (can you believe it?), but I wanted to acknowledge my goals for this month before it flies by and we’re chatting about May. I also wanted to note where I’m at before I move forward with training! My gains have been small in number, but they’re so big for me. I remember how hard it was to run one whole mile without pausing to stop, and now I’m finding strength in the third mile! When I’m lucky 😉

2015 progress report:

Since January, my mileage has varied from 3-12 miles per week and 1-3 runs per week. However, this March and April, I’ve been running at least two times a week but prioritizing three. I’ve been logging my progress and weekly workouts in the Believe Training Journal, and I’m a big fan!

January: 18; February: 26; March: 40; (Expected) April: ~45 .

Currently training for…

I’ve spent 2015 simply trying to establish the ability to run three times a week and (very) slowly increase my mileage. My next goal is reach 5 miles!

In regard to races, this weekend I’m running a 5K Glo Run race, which will be a good test of my current fitness, but I’m really working toward the 10k Capitol Hill Classic and ultimately, the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September.

April goals:

  1. PR in the 5K at the Glo Run!
  2. Set myself up to crush my next longest distance: 5 miles. (Finish 4.75 miles strong).
  3. Stay healthy! Watch out for any shin pain and re-incorporate shin strengthening exercises.

Let’s do this! What do you want to accomplish this April?

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