Monthly Goals: May

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.01.20 PMThis will be the first set of goals I set for a brand new month on the blog! I’ve seen this on a few others sites, including Eat Pray Run DC, and I think it’s a great way to remain accountable at the end of the month.

April Wrap-Up

I’ve been working hard to increase my mileage bit by bit since January in order to prevent any more shin pain, like the kind I felt when beginning to run last summer. I also returned to DC after living in Rome for six weeks and am back to running along the row houses in Capitol Hill and down to the National Mall. Spring here does not disappoint, and I am so happy to be back! I missed this city. I ran 35 miles this month, which is 5 less than March. What’s responsible? A week of Italian vacationing, the sickness I caught immediately afterward and nursed over the Atlantic, and this week: the return of a little calf/shin tightness. But it’s a brand new month! And I think May has good things in store.

May Goals

  1. Run 3x per week: I’ve been pretty good about this, save for a week here or there, but I’d like to cement the habit before half marathon training begins. On Tuesday, Thursdays, and Sundays I run!
  2. Focus on strengthening: Is pre-half marathon training a thing? I’ve got two months until I start Hal Higdon’s plan, and in the meantime, I’ve been trying a build a solid base of weekly miles and relying on simple strengthening exercises like planks, squats and lunges to keep me healthy. I want to make sure that this is a priority in May and that I remain accountable to finishing the workouts I plan. It can be really easy to skip that myrtl when I’m tired or late for work.
  3. Take care of my shins: Tying right in with #2, I need to return to the shin strengthening exercises I learned last year. This past week, I’ve been experiencing the same tightness/soreness/pain on the inside of my shins, and I had to turn around early in today’s run. I’ve been taking extra rest days until the pain disappears (I learned the hard way not to run through it), but it keeps creeping back. I know I’m injury prone in this area so I can’t slack off just as I’m seeing improvement in my mileage!
  4. Run a 10K race: I’m planning on tackling this at the Capitol Hill Classic! It’ll be my longest distance to date. It also falls on the same weekend as my six-year anniversary with Alex and the release of Pitch Perfect 2 so how great will those three days be? 😉
  5. Explore local trails: In April, I went on my first run in Rock Creek Park, a large urban park in DC, and I’d like to go back! Also, I need to adventure a little farther along the C+O Canal Trail than I have before (and resist treating myself to a Baked+Wired cupcake on the way home).

What kind of running goals do you want to accomplish this month? Do you have any tips for shin pain?

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