The Ultimate Coffee Date: May

I’m excited to link up with Coco from Got 2 Run 4 Me, Lynda from Fitness Mom Wine Country, and Deborah from  Confessions of a Mother Runner for my first virtual coffee date! Thank you all for hosting!

The idea of this coffee date link-up is to share a few things I might tell you over a coffee. My current obsession is a big ‘ol iced coffee — a brand new development since I’ve been pretty adverse to any coffee until halfway through graduate school last year — but it is so nice to stroll around on a sunny day like this with it in hand.

IMG_3580Anyway, I would tell you that I’m enjoying being home in Ohio this week. My youngest siblings (twins) turned 17-years-old yesterday, and I jumped at the opportunity to see them on their birthday. My third sibling drove up from college at Ohio State, and we all had the rare chance to be together. I picked them up from school at lunch for hot dogs, fries and milkshakes at our favorite outdoor restaurant, and then we went to see The Avengers right after school ended. We finished off the day with a big birthday dinner with the whole family.

I’d also tell you I’ve been worried about the tightness I’ve been feeling in my lower shin/calf, and I’m praying it’s not the slow return of shin splints. I was really excited to run a route I’d planned from my house, through my old neighborhood, down the bike trail and through the nearby Wildwood Metropark, but I knew less than a mile in that I would need to cut it short. I ran a small loop in the neighborhood instead and came home three miles short at 1.5. Luckily, foam rolling and rest have it feeling better, and I’m going to be really diligent about both until I feel 100% again.

Finally, I’d just be gushing about this weather and how happy are you to see spring again? Ohio is a few weeks behind DC’s budding trees, but it just feels like I get to see spring bloom twice. Right now I’m off to take my family puppy on a walk or enjoy driving to the radio with the windows down — the only thing I miss when relying on DC’s metro trains or buses.

What are your plans this weekend?


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Coffee Date: May”

    1. That’s my fear! I’ll definitely be sticking to rest until they’re better, and I’m glad I found this link-up! I’m excited to join it again in the future 🙂


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