Thinking Out Loud Link-Up: Is It The Weekend Yet?

Today I’m excited to link with Running with Spoons for my first Thinking Out Loud Link-Up. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

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Right now my brain is crammed full with plans for the weekend. From silly, little things — like watching Pitch Perfect 2 tonight in theaters or baking a tiered, chocolate birthday cake — to big things — like celebrating my sixth anniversary with Alex — I’m ready to enjoy the weekend. On top of that, I get thrown back into a normal schedule for the first time in much too long on Monday as I begin a research assistantship position here in DC. This will be take me one step closer to completing my graduate degree, and I cannot wait.

It’s also got me thinking about how training is going to get mixed in with my new position and a few shifts on the side at my local J. Crew (yes — I already have at least 10 things picked out that must be mine). I understand that there are men and women juggling much more on their plate, while running many times my weekly mileage, but this will be my opportunity to experiment with what works. I’m really hoping to get in the habit of dragging myself out of bed and running before work, especially as the humidity and head skyrocket. It doesn’t take a lot to make me melt — I get hot and gross and sweat away a wealth of salt and water — so I can’t even imagine what a mid-day run might look like for me.

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For this reason, I also tried my first hand at Nuun this week, which I am sure needs little to no introduction for veteran runners. I seem to accidentally have purchased Nuun Energy from my local running store, but my stomach doesn’t seem to mind the caffeine and I like the boost. I’m also debating purchasing a smaller water bottle and finding routes along the way to refill if necessary — around the National Mall, maybe? I’ve done it before with my larger hand-held bottle without too much trouble, but carrying 18 oz of water along for a short run seems heavy and running without anything might guarantee a little dehydration.

I suppose these are just things I need to figure out as my former regular 2 and 3 milers creep to 4, 5+ or over an hour. How do I want to carry water? What do I want to drink? Where do I put my phone to listen to my podcast? And eventually, what kind of nutrition? But you know, the running nerd in me is so excited to experiment with all of these things. I’m practically ready for honey stinger/gu/etc. formal taste test.


Finally, I ran my first five-miler yesterday! As you may know, I am planning on running the Capitol Hill Classic 10K on Sunday, but after a little shin pain that started a couple of weeks ago, I took time off running to nip the pain in the bud before it worsened. I told myself that if I could finish a 5-miler this week, the 10K could be possible. Right now I’m considering a walk-run method to finish it strong and healthy and then really throw my weight into training for the Oakley New York Mini 10K.

What are your plans for the weekend? Any tips for rolling out of bed in the morning for a run?

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