Strength and Prehab: Core #2

This is the fourth post in a series providing strengthening prehab exercises. I am not a certified running coach or a physical therapist — just someone recommending exercises that have helped me become a stronger runner and ward off possible injury. Who else gets bored of the same old strengthening routines? If you’re interested in more ideas, check out the myrtl routine, shin strengthening and another plank variation!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.47.31 PM

This week’s core exercise is a plank challenge from Fitness Magazine! It popped up on my Instagram feed a week ago, and I thought; why not give it a try? You can see Kira Stokes, creator of the Stoked Method, demonstrate the plank variation on Instagram too. Before I started getting serious about running, I would throw the occasional plank into my workout, but I avoided side planks like the plague. I would hold one for a second or two, eventually fall out, and give up before trying again.

As with most things, I didn’t get better until I insisted on doing them more frequently (or you know, more than a few seconds) and since then, I like to do a side plank on each side following my regular planks. This exercise, however, is a nice variation that gives you a little more to do while you wait for the seconds to count down to the finish.


Step 1: Start in the side plank.

Step 2: Dip your hip to the floor twice.

Step 3: Lift your leg twice.

Step 4: Do two side crunches.

Step 5: Do three sets. Repeat on each side.

Easy as that! Okay not really easy. Lifting up your leg in a side plank is no joke!

Have you ever been plank-adverse? Do you like variations or keeping it simple?

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