Thinking Out Loud: Get Out There

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons again for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

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Happy Thursday, friends! It is a gloriously warm, summer-like day here in DC, and since I have spent so much time hidden away in air-conditioned buildings this week…I am trying to absorb all the heat and humidity I can. I’ve been learning to juggle my graduate school practicum in the morning, part-time job in the evening and of course, running.

I’ve usually had the flexibility to squeeze in a run in the afternoon or evening if I didn’t have the motivation to roll out of bed in the morning, but these days, that same free time rolls around 11pm, and it’s almost impossible to inspire a run that late at night. And that’s okay! But it does mean I need to buckle to down. It all comes down to priorities, and running is one. It makes me feel accomplished. It eases my stressed out brain cells and primes me for better mental sanity. It makes me stronger! And it’s going to make all the race goals I have cooked up a reality.

This morning, I set my first alarm for 6:45 and after clicking snooze an embarrassing number of times, I finally rolled out of bed at 7. Honestly, leaving my bed had much more to do with needing to use the bathroom and much less about being ready to run. I stalled for another ten minutes, scrolling through Instagram, which of course included a steady stream of runners who had already gone and finished their run…but this still didn’t inspire me. Once downstairs, however, I did catch a glimpse of my roommate leaving through the front door for her run and decided right then that I could do it too. I ran upstairs, threw on the clothes I had set aside last night, tugged on my Hokas, grabbed my Garmin and flew out the door.

I had just enough time for three miles before I had to return to shower and dress for work and yeah, I could’ve used a little more time for a cool-down myrtl or a few sets of lunges…but I got out there. I’ll keep hitting snooze, rolling out of bed and tugging on my shoes in the am until it’s habitual because coming home with a few more miles under my belt and a morning view of my beautiful city is worth it. 

Did you get out there for a run this morning? What do you tell yourself when you need a little extra encouragement to start your run?


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Get Out There”

  1. My fail-proof way for getting myself to get through a workout if I’m not feeling it is telling myself that I only need to do 10 minutes and that if I’m hating it I can stop. I find that starting is usually the most difficult thing, and once I get going, I almost always end up feeling better and want to keep going 🙂


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