Monthly Goals: Looking Back at May

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Wow! It’s June! Or you know, tomorrow is June! It’s about that time to reflect on May goals, and see how I fared. Stay tuned for June goals tomorrow! Let’s take a look…

  1. Run 3x per week: Consulting my activity log on Runkeeper (fed by information on my Garmin), I would give myself a B- in this department. May looked like this…week 1: one run, shin pain; week 2: three runs; week 3: no runs, shin pain; week 4: four short runs. I didn’t grade myself lower because I actively chose not to run through shin pain, and I took breaks from running I thought I needed to heal the pain. This last week of May has been encouraging, and it’s been a big lesson not to slack off on shin strengthening maintenance (especially since I know how injury-prone in that area I am).
  2. Focus on strengthening: I wanted to make sure this was a priority in May — an extra way of ensure I was strong and healthy to begin half marathon training in June. I continued to rely on simple strengthening exercises like planks, squats and lunges pre and post runs, and I’m happy to report that I met this goal! I would give myself an  A- simply because I did slack in this area during the third week in May when I took off running.
  3. Take care of my shins: I’ll give myself an A-! I can always do better in this area, and clearly, there was shin pain this month, but I took time off running, became more diligent in my weekly shin strengthening exercises, foam rolling and overall care. I need to continue this kind of work until I enter another period of many straight week/months without pain and keep it going.
  4. Run a 10K race: Wah, wah. I failed this one. While I know the decision not to run one was the one I needed to make, I am disappointed I missed out on the Capitol Hill Classic! There’s always next year. I do, however, have my eye on a June race…
  5. Explore local trails: Womp…failed this one too. My runs this month were largely concentrated in the NoMa/Capitol Hill neighborhoods again, but I’m 100% set on making this a reality in June.

What kind of running goals do you want to accomplish this month?

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