Thinking Out Loud: So long, favorite pants.

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These days I have tucked away my jeans a little further into my closet and pulled out my long-neglected “business”-wear for my new job. I own pieces I purchased my first couple of years at college, and they are well-loved. They made me feel good when I interviewed for jobs or internships along the years, and that’s important, because when you feel good — you’re confident!

This month, however, I buttoned my favorite pair of black BR dress pants (which are probably going on their fourth or fifth year of life) and they didn’t fit the way I remember. They required a little tugging to stay above my hips, and I spent more time fidgeting in them throughout the day than I liked. I was also a little paranoid about places where they sagged.

Listen – I’m not looking to running to help me lose weight or drop a pant size. In fact, give me a few more pounds of muscle! I don’t own a scale because the act of metro-ing to Target and spending money on one is both highly unappealing and unnecessary. So while I can’t say for sure if I’ve lost any weight or gained any muscle…I know my body is changing, and I’m laughing out loud now because that sounds like an introduction to a book about puberty. You know what I mean.

My hesitancy surrounding this rambling post is that it will come across as, “small person successfully becomes smaller,” but that’s not my intention. Not one bit. I bring up my pants because I am proud of how my body is getting stronger and turning into the kind that is better equipped to get me across a finish line. While I’ve unabashedly admired my new leg muscles over the past few months, I think this is the first time I really thought, “Woah!”

Here’s the best part: I’m not in the midst of some fad diet or a workout regimen I can’t imagine continuing once the DVDs run out. I really love this. I have been diligently throwing in strength work into my training because I understand their purpose. The core exercises make sure I can run straight and tall even when I’m so tired I want to hunch over, and the squats and lunges build strength to pick up my legs time after time for miles. My Garmin counts the estimated calories I burn on a run, but I’m more concerned about the miles I ran or the number of minutes I pushed through in the heat.

The little bit around my waist that grew smaller might be a perk, but it’s not the end goal. The right end is strength, endurance and the power to finish.


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud: So long, favorite pants.”

  1. I can really relate to this post. I started running after having my daughter to get some alone time. I had no intention of losing weight but one day I noticed that my pants were falling off. When I did get on the scale, I found that I had not only returned to my pre-baby weight, but lost an additional 15 pounds. I actually weigh less than what my license says I do now! I feel really proud of that because I did work very hard to get to that point, including training for my first marathon. I also feel a little strange discussing it because I have never struggled with being over weight so I feel that those who have don’t want to hear about my weight loss and baggy pants. I’m proud of myself and you should be too! Keep working hard!


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