Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Marathon, Week #2

I’m training to run my first half marathon this fall! I’ll be racing the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September and recapping each week of training on the Tuesdays leading up to race day. Thanks for following along!

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.28.00 PM

The second week of Navy Air Force Half Marathon training is complete! This week, I fit in two days of cross training, which is much better than last week (a big ‘ol zero), and I was able to increase the miles I ran versus the time I spent walking. Win! I’ve also been trying to walk a 0.5 miles before starting my workout so I can run more of the mileage with even less worry of injury.

I wasn’t able to run on Tuesday and moved everything up a day for the second week in a row. I’m trying not get in the habit of this!

Right now my strength work consists of a series of lunges and squats with weights, as well as planks, but I’m hoping to add a little more variety with my purchase of Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Running Strong book (affiliate link). Do any of you own it? Yay/nay? It’s been in my Amazon cart for a week or two as its waits for me to press “purchase.”

  • Monday (7/6): Rest
  • Tuesday (7/7): Rest
  • Wednesday (7/8): 3.0 Run/Walk Miles (~2.0 Miles Running, ~1.0 Walking) + Myrtl + Strength Work + Core Work
  • Thursday (7/9): 7.0 Miles Biking, Arm Weights
  • Friday (7/10): 3.0 Miles Run/Walk (~2.2 Miles Running, ~0.8 Walking) + Myrtl + Strength Work + Core Work
  • Saturday (7/11): 5.0 Miles Biking, Arm Weights
  • Sunday (7/12): 4.0 Miles Run/Walk (3.25 Miles Running, 0.75 Walking) + Myrtl + Strength Work

Weekly Mileage: 10 Run/Walk, 11 Biking

Navy Air Force Half Marathon advertisements went up in the metro this week!
Navy Air Force Half Marathon advertisements went up in the metro this week!

How is your training going? Where do you find strength workout ideas?

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