Weekend Wrap-Up: Wedding Weekend in Ohio

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Oh, man, you guys. The day after a long, jam-packed weekend (where you ignore your e-mail and all other responsibilities) leads to a mad Monday. From start to finish, I have been running through a packed to-do-list and an eleven-hour-work day, but the weekend…worth all the madness.

I flew to Dayton on Thursday morning, and my boyfriend Alex picked me up in the groom’s car, which just happened to be a convertible Mercedes. It’s been a long time since I’ve been driven in a car with the top down on the highway, blaring the radio. We stopped for a quick Panera lunch before checking into the hotel, and I sat on the big, comfy hotel bed, eating mac ‘n cheese, watching a silly TV show, knowing that I would see great friends that night and for the next four days. It was perfect.

The rest of the evening was packed with the wedding rehearsal (Alex was a groomsman), the rehearsal dinner, and the first event: Lady Sangeet. Women in the groom’s family began the Sangeet by singing traditional songs about getting married and the family’s role in the wedding. The groom’s sister and mother performed a dance, which was followed with the bride’s procession and then everyone began dancing. It was incredible to see all of this culture, tradition, love and pure merriment intersect. I even had my first henna tattoo, and I am obsessed with it. (P.S. The bride’s hands and feet took eight hours.)



I squeezed in a little strength workout in the hotel gym before the Catholic ceremony portion of the weekend. They were officially married in a church outside of Dayton and the reception was held nearby where I cried at the best man’s speech and hugged the newlyweds.



Oof. Friday night’s festivities ended around 2am, and we were up before 6am for Saturday’s ceremonies. We were expected to be at the Sikh ceremony at 9am, and it was infinitely worth the earl wake-up-call. From start to finish, the day was filled with traditions and culture and dancing and music. The groom rode in on a white horse, and we danced as we led the way to the Sikh temple where more guests greeted us. We ate delicious Indian food before and after the Sikh ceremony, and if you’re interested, you can learn all about the joining of the two souls.



After a quick stop at the outlet mall in Cincinnati (oops), check-in to our next hotel downtown, a long shower and a very quick nap, I got dressed again and headed to last reception of the weekend. I killed a travel size hairspray fixing my hair for five wedding events.

The bride and groom
The bride and groom


Sunday closed out one of the best weekends in memory. Let’s do it all over again!

Tell me about your weekend! What’s the next thing you want to tackle on your summer bucket list?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Wedding Weekend in Ohio”

  1. The wedding sounds like an incredible experience! I have only been to Catholic weddings but am totally in awe of all the festivities filling out another cultures wedding weekend. And that henna… so gorgeous!


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