Friday Five: Favorite Summer Drinks

I’m linking-up with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run again today! This week’s theme is Five Favorite Summer Drinks.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.40.24 AM

When I read this week’s Friday Five theme, I immediately thought about the opposite of delicious summer drinks: mainly, my two big smoothie recipe failures. The first? Accidentally making a ginger + fruit smoothie with vanilla almond milk. Unsurprisingly, ginger + vanilla are pretty unappetizing together. The second? A chocolate peppermint smoothie. I don’t know if it was the recipe or me, but that thing was inedible.

On the other hand, these five summer drinks are delicious.

  1. Iced coffee. Typical, simple, essential.
  2. Lemonade. I have been craving this all summer long. Even when I bring leftovers for lunch, I will go out in search of lemonade and use it as an excuse to walk a block around my office.
  3. Sangria. Yes, please. I need to try making my own! Sangria + paella dinner?!
  4. Nuun energy in wildberry. This is a running blog after all! This is my go-to Nuun for a sweaty, morning run.
  5. Stiegl-Radler Grapefruit. Stiegl wins as my absolute, current summer favorite. It’s a mix of Stiegl-Goldbräu + fruit soda and is refreshing, bubbly. I look for it at every grocery I visit!

What’s your favorite summer drink? Have you ever made a gross smoothie?


16 thoughts on “Friday Five: Favorite Summer Drinks”

  1. Oh, my gosh…you are NOT kidding about the Radler; one of my local running club pals has GOT to have one of those waiting for her after summer races. It’s awesome!! Hope you have a great weekend, Victoria!!


  2. I’ve made many gross smoothies. Thankfully many more good ones! Chocolate peppermint sounds right up my alley.

    Ginger + vanilla sounds fine to me. I’ve made some smoothies with ginger and vanilla almond milk. We are definitely all different!


  3. I haven’t made a gross smoothie yet, but I also don’t go very far outside of my comfort zone with them. I tend to stick with combinations that I know work. Iced coffee is the best. It certainly helped get me through this week at work.


  4. HUGE fan of lemonade!! mmm… never heard of Stiegl-Radler, may have to check that out – I”m a big lover of grapefruit. Hope you can join us for brunch! Thanks for linking up!


    1. I highly recommend the radler! Sooo good (especially if you like grapefruit). I’d love to make the dc blogger meet-up, but I will be home for a wedding 😦 Wish I could make it!!!


  5. I just received a new Strawberry Lemonade recipe from a friend – I want to turn them into popsicles. Paella and sangria sounds great! I haven’t had the former in SO long (I would use to go to my friends house and her mom would make it for parties…soooo good).


    1. What a great idea! A popsicle maker for the freezer has been in my Amazon cart forever. I love the paella recipe I have, but I think a real paella pan will get the crispy rice on the bottom I love!


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