Monthly Goals: August

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There are a few, important reasons to love August. First and foremost, it’s my birthday month! Bring on the cake and the celebration of a new year. Also, as of this morning, Alex and I officially have the keys to our first apartment together, I am actually (really) looking forward to a weekend of moving, unpacking and making this new place home. I also leave on Monday for a week of vacation, including time on Lake Michigan and trip home to Ohio. I have been abnormally stressed and anxious these past couple of weeks and know this break couldn’t have come at a better time. Good things are here!

On the running front, August brings the second month of half marathon training. Then my September race is right around the corner! Here’s what I have planned for August.

  1. Cross train 2x per week. I am continuing this over from my July goals. I can’t just run! I need to prioritize cross training to keep me healthy, and this could be a good opportunity to try more than just biking.
  2. Eat more vegetables; eat less junk. Simple. Perhaps it’s the season, but I keep finding more excuses to eat junk. Ice cream! Yes. Hot dogs! Yup. Pie! Absolutely. I want to enjoy all of these things in moderation, but not to the excess I have been lately. I’ve been tapering it off slowly, but I want to keep working at finding a balance. Also – vegetables! Making a concerted effort to up my intake and put that new kitchen to work.
  3. Incorporate resistance band exercises. I’m ready to make up for my total disregard of shin strengthening exercises last month.
  4. Continue to run/walk mileage. As tempted as I may be to run all my miles (especially when my legs feel great), the mileage is only going to increase as the weeks go on, and I think I need a little more time to get my body adjusted to the new demands of training.
  5. Run new places. I am most excited to run in Empire, MI during vacation (see below), but I want to make plans to switch up my regular weekly runs too.
Empire, Michigan (via

What do you have planned for August? Are you taking any trips this month?

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