Weekend Wrap-Up: The BEACH, Market and Another Bakedwich

This morning I’m linking up with Katie for Marvelous in My MondayHolly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap and Weekend Snapshots!

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We meet again, Monday, but let’s talk about the weekend…

A and I finally made it to The BEACH exhibit at the National Building Museum after work on Friday! What’s that giant ball pit, you ask?! The BEACH covers 10,000 square feet of the museum’s great hall with an “ocean” of nearly one million recyclable translucent plastic balls. It’s so cool. I have to say though…I think I prefer watching other people enjoy the “swimming.” I didn’t enjoy feeling stuck, but it was worth the adventure.


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Pool chair, anyone?


After The BEACH, we walked to A Baked Joint, Baked + Wired’s sister store that recently opened in Mount Vernon. This place could mean trouble. Some of my all time Baked + Wired favorites, including a Bakedwich, is now just a walk away. In addition to the sweets, they sell baked bread, granola, and a menu of breakfast/lunch items. I’ve got my eye on their smoked salmon sandwich for my next visit. A and I already made our way through a small bag of their Hippie Crack granola this weekend.


At home, we made a Blue Apron meal, and it was the perfect Friday night meal: heirloom tomato and fontina grilled cheese sandwiches. Delicious, cheesy and different enough to make it special. We also watched Finding Nemo because I had that little-kid urge to watch something silly and animated. I also foam rolled my still-sore legs to ensure they’d function properly for Sunday’s long run.


I slept-in the longest I have in weeks on Saturday morning. Last week racked up 55+ work hours between both of my jobs, and I think my body insisted I sleep. After I woke, I headed to Union Market for my favorite bagel + coffee, but the place is definitely twice the capacity at noon (I usually try to get there before the 11am rush).

After breakfast, A and I walked to Eastern Market and did a little of our grocery shopping. We always make the mistake of visiting after we’ve shopped elsewhere, and it was nice to stock up on local produce (plus…a couple peanut butter cookies from inside). I finished off the evening at J. Crew, and it went as well as working on a Saturday night can go.


On Sunday, I hit the snooze button at least twice before waking for my long run, but I got up, dressed and headed out the door before 7:30. I was disappointed by how high the sun had already risen. Long runs are better enjoyed with a little glowing color. This run had a few more hiccups than last week.

First, I removed my Superfeet inserts from my Hokas (since I think they defeat the point of the shoe’s low heel drop), but I couldn’t find the original shoe inserts. I ended up taking the pair from my Hoka Challengers, but they kept sliding up toward the heel as I ran. I had to stop to correct it during the first quarter mile. The moving inserts are also likely to blame for my new, matching blisters. Then despite the fact that I was drinking the same amount of water I always do, I had an abdomen cramp for almost 3 straight miles.

They were little discomforts in the long scheme of things, and I consider it good practice to push through a little, reasonable pain. Most importantly, I wouldn’t want 12 weeks of perfect long runs (does that exist?)only to have race day throw me a curveball. On the plus side, nutrition is going well! I tried a gel with success last week and Clif Bloks on Sunday. I like the Bloks best but want to try one more type before deciding on a winner.


I worked at 2pm after my long run so I took the rest of the late morning nice and easy: homemade oatmeal for breakfast, a movie, a nap, meal prep and off to work. Lunch was another super delicious, Blue Apron meal.  Win, win, win.


How was your weekend? What did you meal prep on Sunday?


16 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: The BEACH, Market and Another Bakedwich”

  1. I always love the pics of what you eat. That heirloom tomato and fontina grilled cheese sandwich sounds amazing.
    I really don’t think that 12 weeks of good long runs exists. I hope that your next one is better.
    Have a great week!


  2. That grilled cheese you made sounds great! I love blue apron recipes! There really are some gems!

    Also that “beach” looks SO cool!!! Kind of like a ball pit for adults?


  3. WHOA! I love The Beach, Victoria; what a great idea for an exhibit and SO MUCH FUN! Seems like a great idea to get a more diverse population interested in the museum, as well. What a beautiful farmer’s market!! I loved seeing your pics on IG over the weekend, but this is even better. I actually did very little meal prep yesterday, but I did get a meal ready to go in the crock pot this morning and made my lunch – yay! HA! 😉 Hope your Monday is going great!


    1. Haha! I actually surprised myself with my weekend meal prep. I’ve been so bad about getting it done over the weekend. Oops haha. I think the crock pot might be even better 🙂 I think you’re right – people that might not usually head to that museum came in droves for the exhibit. So worth it!


    1. That’s not a bad idea! I often feel like Sunday is solely dedicated to laundry, groceries, etc. and things like meal prep – kind of takes the relaxation out of the weekend!


  4. Hi Victoria I’m so very glad you decided to link up with us and share your Weekly Wrap! It looks like you had a great one! OMG I have been wanting to watch Finding Nemo for months now! I am in awe of the market! Unfortunately, I live in a small town and there is nowhere near the selection of fresh foods I see here! You are so very lucky! I agree I don’t think there is 12 or even 6 or 3 for that matter perfect runs! The little obstacles we hurdle during training help us come race time. I’m glad to hear your enjoying Blue Apron I’ve read a lot about it but I can tell you right now my husband would not only turn his nose up he’d say “You want me to eat what?” Got to love them though! Thanks again for linking up with us this week and I do hope you’ll join us again!


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