Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Marathon Week #8

I’m training to run my first half marathon this fall! I’ll be racing the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September and recapping my training every Tuesday leading up to race day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.28.00 PM

Two months down, one more to go! Woah, woah, woah.

If you’ve been keeping up with these training recaps, you might have noticed that I have officially weaned myself off run/walk miles. I started to incorporate short walking breaks in my runs during the very first week of training. I accepted that I’m prone to injury when mileage is increased too quickly, and I was worried my body would play defense to each week’s new mileage.

Running and walking my weekly scheduled runs allowed me to finish each pain-free and to much less discomfort post-run. Consequently, I reached a place where I can now run the entirety of my mileage. I’m really happy about that piece. I stopped walking during my runs a bit unconsciously during week #6 when everything clicked a little easier.

Despite this bright spot, I struggled with a mental block this week. I was slower to get ready for my runs, and overall less motivated to get started. In fact, that’s why I had to split Tuesday’s run — I woke up too late to make time for the whole run. I couldn’t convince myself to get up. The longer hours I worked at both jobs likely contributed most to my negative attitude. Less sleep? Less will to leave that aforementioned bed earlier than necessary.

Here’s how week #8 breaks down…

  • Monday (8/17): Rest
  • Tuesday (8/18): (AM) 3.0 Miles (PM) 1.5 Miles + Strength + Arm Weights
  • Wednesday (8/19): Rest
  • Thursday (8/20): Core work
  • Friday (8/21): 4.75 Miles
  • Saturday (8/22): 3.0 Mile walk
  • Sunday (8/23): 8.0 Mile + myrtl routine (more negative splits!)

Weekly Mileage: 17.25 Run, 3.0 Walking


What was your last week of training?

9 thoughts on “Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Marathon Week #8”

  1. Great training week! We all go through periods in our training where there is a lack of motivation–keep up the good work!


  2. Great job, Victoria!! I’m so glad that you’re feeling good and making lots of progress; I know you’ll do great at the race. It’s definitely tempting to stay in the bed when I’ve stayed up too late; every night I say I’m going to get to bed earlier and, for some reason, it just doesn’t happen – GAH! Maybe tonight?? 😉


    1. Right?! Why can’t we just fall asleep when we plan?? Haha. I just think “one more thing…” and boy, do I feel that in the morning. Thank you, Tara!! 🙂


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