Monthly Goals: Looking Back on August + September Goals

I’ve broken down my 2015 aspirations into month-to-month goals. If you’re interested, you can also check out my May GoalsMay Recap, June GoalsJune Recap, July Goals and July Recap.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.03.08 AM

Today I’m recapping my August goals and setting some new ones for September. It’s officially race month, and that sidebar countdown is under 20 days. 

Here’s how I did in August.

  1. Cross train 2x per week. Er, I made it once a week! I probably shouldn’t have set this goal in the same month I lost my apartment gym. My preferred method of cross training is the stationary bike, and I haven’t signed up with a local gym replacement. Walking has been my friend.
  2. Eat more vegetables; eat less junk. I did this! There is always room for improvement (and I was responsible for bring a package of Mint Oreo Thins into my life, but I have #noregrets). Inserting Blue Apron meals for two weeks was an easy way to try new recipes, and they were usually accompanied with generous portions of veggies. I also made a conscious effort to throw more greens into my meals (side salads, sliced veggies with lunch, etc.), and overall cut down on my share of take-out meals from July.
  3. Incorporate resistance band exercises. Total fail…but I did not do these because I saw my former shin/calf pain diminish from other strengthening exercises, particularly for my glutes + hips.
  4. Continue to run/walk mileage. My pain-free success from the aforementioned strength work actually allowed me to stop the run/walk mileage in early August. My walking breaks began to naturally fall in number, and almost unconsciously, I started running start to finish. Three weeks later…I still fell great!
  5. Run new places. Yes! My favorite runs in August were all in the tiny town of Frankfort, Michigan, which included running to a lighthouse out on Lake Michigan. At home, my long runs have taken me from NoMa to the monuments, which may not count as new places, but I’ve never seen them on a 7 or 8 mile running route. The length of my long runs now made that possible. As for my weekly runs, I’ve been trying to insert new trails and neighborhoods. Lately? The Metropolitan Branch Trail by the NoMa metro line and Bloomingdale.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.19.10 PM

Now that September is here, I’m going choose a smaller number of goals to focus on. Here’s what I have planned.

  1. Stay accountable. If I need to fit in five miles before work on a Tuesday, I need to do that. I can’t let myself move it to Wednesday just because I wanted to sleep in a little longer before my alarm. This September, I want to stay accountable to my plan.
  2. Stay injury free. Of course. What this goal really mean is…I want to show up at the Navy Air Force Half Marathon ready to run, not limp. This will be possible by staying dedicated time to strength work, foam rolling and getting many good nights of sleep.
  3. Race a half marathon. I’d initially typed “finish a half marathon,” but I want to race it! I’m not saying I won’t stop to walk or that my pace will be off the charts, but I’d like see a faster second half!

What are your goals this September? Are you racing in September?

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