Weekend Wrap-Up: Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans

This morning I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap!

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Goodbye, long, wonderful Labor Day weekend…

I left for New Orleans with Alex on Thursday. We attended a wedding on Saturday, returned to DC on Sunday and spent all the time in between exploring the city. It was the perfect time to slow down, truly celebrate our engagement (!!!), and enjoy a little vacation. Here’s what we did…

Thursday: We arrived to our hotel in New Orleans around 1pm and proceeded to order pizza to the room, unpack and take a little nap before heading on a walk into the French Quarter. We met up with the bride at Pat O’Brien’s and finished off the night with beignets at Cafe Du Monde. They’re really that good.

Mini foam roller packs perfectly!
Mini foam roller packs perfectly!
Airport snacks
Airport snacks



Friday: After sleeping in, Alex and I headed to the hotel gym, which happens to have quite a nice circular view of the city + the Superdome. I chose to run my 5 miles on the treadmill, and the machine had a television, which was a new experience. Except watching Cupcake Wars on a hungry, grumbly stomach hurts. 

Things we did that day? Split a po’ boy and seafood gumbo at Johnny’s Po-Boys, ate a second meal at Restaurant Stanley, more beignets and a cafe au lait at Cafe Du Monde, visited the French Market and attended a rehearsal dinner at Tujague’s.


A shrimp po’ boy + seafood gumbo at Johnny’s Po-Boy
An eggs benedict po' boy at Restaurant Stanley
An eggs benedict po’ boy at Restaurant Stanley
New Orlean’s French Market
Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
One delicious frozen fruit margarita
One delicious frozen fruit margarita
Look at all of that rum...
Look at all of that rum…
I'll have another plate of beignets, please.
I’ll have another plate of beignets, please.
A peek at Southern Decadence Celebrations
A peek at Southern Decadence Celebrations

Saturday: After a little cross training in the morning, we headed out for breakfast at Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar. We waited a whole hour (peak brunch hour problems) but stopped over at Mojo Coffee Shop while we waited. This tided me over temporarily, but as you can see…I was still starving when we sat down. I ordered a juice made from ginger, kale, apple and orange, their homemade granola, yogurt and fruit, as well as a sesame bagel with avocado mash.

Then we walked to District: Donuts. Sliders. Brew. and ordered a nitro cold brew and lemon, blueberry donut. Stuffed to the brim, we headed back to the French Quarter and crossed a few things off of our lists, including the terribly tourist-y hand grenades. That evening was the wedding, and it was beautiful. Congratulations, Kayla + Matt!



Sunday: We reluctantly left New Orleans and flew home to D.C. I napped, unpacked, did a load of laundry and grabbed take-out for dinner. I was supposed to do my long run, but I may have had a little too much champagne on Saturday. This meant I spent one more night really nervous about the mileage.

You're just showing off, D.C.
You’re just showing off, D.C.

Monday: Long run time! I chugged out 9.25 miles along a portion of the Navy Air Force Half Marathon course and spent the rest of the day soaking in the rest of this long weekend. The long run went well, and I’m getting pretty excited for race weekend 🙂

Passed the Fish Market
Passed the Fish Market on my search for Ohio Drive SW
I fit in the ring...
I fit in the ring…

How did you spend the long weekend? Did you take a trip or enjoy a staycation?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans”

  1. How very cool I love New Orleans, we visit there quite often as we are only about 3 hours away. So glad you got to visit the French Quarter, isn’t it quite a neat place. You never know what you’ll see there. What about the street people see any guys covered in silver or what about the guy that transforms like the Transformers? A trip to NOLA isn’t complete without a beignet! Thanks for linking up with us this week!!!


    1. What a great city to enjoy close to home! I wish I could’ve seen more of the city, but I really enjoyed what I did get to visit. I didn’t see any Transformers but definitely silver painted people! I could use one of those beignets right this second! Yummmm.

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