Thinking Out Loud: Who Else Needs a Nap?

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons again for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.34.21 PM

Mind dump time! I tried writing yesterday, but all I had to say was “It’s really hot and humid,” “I’m really tired,” and “I’m running a half marathon next week.”

Today isn’t much better, and the topics at the forefront of my brain are still sadly the weather, my lack of rest and that half marathon.

In light of this, today’s Thinking Out Loud post is coming at you in list form. It’s easier on the brain.

  1. First, honestly, this D.C. weather is brutal. It’s still instant sweat-down-your-back hot and does not fare well when traveling to work in the morning (or anywhere, really).
  2. I have a J. Crew bag in my closet with an adorable merino wool dress and sweater that will not get to see the light of day for a few more weeks.
  3. Picking a wedding date, a city and a venue are now on my to-do-list. What?! Send me a wedding planner STAT or a friend particularly skilled in Google Drive. Or maybe just someone who can navigate Google Search toolbar? Anything works.
  4. Did you know that Google docs actually has pre-made templates for wedding planning? Meet my best friend this coming year.
  5. I am infinitely happy I will be finishing my Masters by December because I’m not interested in planning a wedding + managing school.
  6. But I still have to do my research, write my thesis and present it. This piece makes me more nervous than the previous five semester combined.
  7. I’m running my highest mileage this week, 23 miles, or 32, if you count Monday’s long run from the week before.
  8. I’m trying to spend all my extra time with a foam roller or on a yoga mat with some stretches (and Netflix). Now is not the time to get an overuse injury.
  9. I avoided my work duties at the office yesterday and mapped myself a 10-mile run around DC for Sunday. There’s something oddly enthralling about dragging those little dots around to figure out distances.
  10. A lot of my complaining/unsettledness this week could be easily solved by one really good night of sleep, and in exchange, a more positive outlook on #1, #3, #6 and #7. 🙂
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.59.14 AM
Don’t worry, guys. That’s not my home address (need to account for a warm-up!), but that is my planned 10-miler.

Anyone else on the struggle bus today? I’m thinking I need a nap, an episode of Grey’s Anatomy + that Blue Apron calzone planned for dinner.

5 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Who Else Needs a Nap?”

  1. Oh, gosh, Victoria; I can relate to so much of this! I just bought a few new things for work and it would be ridiculous to try to wear them right now; I’m inside all day, but the trek to/from the car is definitely a damp situation – ha! I feel like I need another shower when I get to my desk! I’m pretty sure that if I had to plan my wedding again (and with Google Docs, no less!), I would never get ANY work done! What fun! I also enjoy moving the dots around on the map and I have caught myself doing that at work, as well; you are not alone, my friend. You’re going to do great at your race; I can’t wait to hear all about it!!


  2. After I run I am not tired!!! I would love a nap but I can’t fall asleep without some medicine my brain does not know how to shut off. It is miserably hot and humid in Memphis too. Weddings are so exciting!!! Have a great evening.


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