Weekend Wrap-Up: Sometimes You Just Need Time to Clean Your Apartment

This morning I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.11.55 PM

This wrap-up is going to be short and sweet! After an incredible long, Labor Day weekend in New Orleans, this weekend is just what I needed. It wasn’t particularly exciting (I watched a lot of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, did a little Runner’s World recovery yoga, and cleaned my apartment), but I’ve started off this Monday morning actually rested.

I did a late night run on Friday night, where I kicked myself repeatedly for not going earlier. That was until I caught a view of this…

Hi, beauty.
Hi, beauty.

I capped that run at 4 miles (it was supposed to be 5) because I had two long runs last week — one on Monday and one on Sunday — due to Labor Day travel. That took my weekly mileage to just over 31 miles, which is really, really high for me. I spent the weekend trying to stock up on stretching, foam rolling and sleep time. I think I did okay!

Saturday included a little work at the store, a trip to Potomac River Running for race day fuel, a little pasta take-out, and an early night for my long run.

Actually didn't drink the wine! But I was all about that focaccia bread.
I actually skipped the wine! But I was all about that focaccia bread hiding in the paper bag.

I left for my run on Sunday at 8am, not my planned 6:30, but the weather was amazing. I was actually still cold when I stepped out of the house. I took my test clothes, fuel and gear out, and I think they’re ready for race day. I even got a boost of inspiration by the cyclists participating in the Nation’s Tri through Rock Creek Park.



My favorite part of the weekend, however, was my birthday gift: Explosions in the Sky + Death Cab for Cutie in concert at the Merriweather Post Pavillion on Sunday. I sat outside in the cool fall weather with the music I love (and a really good grilled cheese sandwich). It’s the little things.

How was your weekend? What was the best part?

5 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Sometimes You Just Need Time to Clean Your Apartment”

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you had such a fun weekend, Victoria!! I was thinking about you DC ladies and wondering if you had nice weather, too; especially Cynthia, who was participating in the Nation’s Tri on Sunday – woo hoo! I can’t believe you were so close to the race! I hope you had a great run and I’m SURE you had a fabulous time at the concert – what a treat!


  2. Best part of my weekend was probably actually my long run, which is kind of sad!

    Last year I was running 30 miles a week toward the end of my training cycle, but because I’ve struggled a bit with my IT this summer, it’s much, much less. I think I’ll hit 20 this week.


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