Friday Five: Listen While You Run Part II

I’m linking-up with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run again today! This week’s theme is Favorite Songs to Pump Up A Workout.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.40.24 AMA couple months ago, I wrote a post about what I like to listen to while I run. I don’t prefer music, which does pump me up, but then I think, “I’ve still got 6/7/8/9 miles to go!,” and the benefit quickly wears off. Instead, I’m all over podcasts.

When you’re running by yourself, podcasts work like a running buddy who has really great stories to tell. In fact, I think I need to write a letter to Ira Glass and his team at This American Life for helping make my first half marathon possible.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 1.07.08 PM

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately…

  1. This American Life. This weekly public radio show explores a new topic every week, and it’s just the best. I look forward to a new episode each Monday and download more from iTunes for my long runs. My favorites? Abdi and The Golden TicketThe Break-Up (especially if you’re a Phil Collins fan), and The Problem We All Live With.
  2. Another Mother Runner. I am clearly not a mother runner and will not be for many years, but I still really love this podcast. Sometimes running is all you need in common.
  3. Lady Lovin’. This is a new one. It’s a little inappropriate and silly and funny and breaks up the more serious stuff in my line-up. I compare it to accidentally eavesdropping on a table of twenty-somethings talk about sex, life and dating.
  4. Run to the Top with Tina Muir. Topics include running by effort, things a podiatrist wants you to know and why cross training is important. My favorites have included When Running and Comedy Collide and Fertility: What You Need to Know (really interesting!).
  5. I’m leaving this one open. What’s your favorite podcast?! I’ve started listening and Another Mother Runner and Run to the Top by suggestion, and I’m so glad I did! I’d love another.

Do you like to run with or without music? Podcasts or audiobooks over music?

10 thoughts on “Friday Five: Listen While You Run Part II”

  1. Victoria, I love both This American Life and the Runner’s Connect podcast with Tina Muir; definitely must-haves for my long runs. In addition, I really enjoy the program Fresh Air from NPR; lots of great interviews with folks about upcoming movies, books, television programs, etc., and there are always a few laughs (folks like Amy Poehler, Will Farrell have been guests). I hope you have an awesome weekend!


  2. I like Babbitville Radio. He interviews elite athletes (runners, triathletes, coaches, cyclists). Some pretty interesting interviews. This used to be competitor radio but then Bob left competitor and thankfully started the podcasts back up.


  3. i’m guessing you’ve already listened to serial. if i listened to things when i ran (i don’t), it’d be that. i actually did play this last episode (w/out headphones) during the last two miles of my last trail marathon. i was pretty much alone but did pass one person who loved it and we talked about serial for half a mile 🙂


    1. I loved Serial too! I now listen to the podcast spinoff “Undisclosed” on runs. It’s Rabia Chaudry, Colin Miller, and Susan Simpson talking about LOTS of things that are fishy about the case and fill in lots of additional details and go deeper into specific issues. I’d highly recommend it if you liked Serial and want to know more about the case (with an Adnan is not guilty slant).


  4. I’m a song listener! We made up a term at my house house. It is called ‘Run Drunk’ (I’m sure other people have made this term up too). But it refers to that state during /after a run where it is super hard to think straight. Anyway, I’m too run drunk to listen to actual words!


  5. I love that you listen to podcasts to run. I tried listening to audiobooks when I first started and it made me go slower. So… I’m not sure if I can do it. But I might give it a try. Thanks for the suggestions. And good luck in your race this weekend!!


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