Thinking Out Loud: Last Thoughts Before My First Half Marathon

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons again for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.34.21 PM

I like the list form I took up last week so I think we’re going to try this again.

  1. People, I’m picking up my bib tomorrow! It’s real!
  2. I have the whole day off Friday so I’m going to savor it. I’m thinking a little extra sleep, a bagel breakfast + a screening of Everest. Then heading to the expo before five to avoid the lines.
  3. I’lm aready plotting what Navy Air Force Half Marathon gear to buy, and I haven’t even seen any of it yet. Maybe a 3/4 zip?! Buy moniez.
  4. Also, my family arrives tomorrow. I’ve missed them so much and am looking forward to spending time with them this weekend. I’ve got a ramen dinner at Diakaya, the H Street Festival, and the DC United v. Columbus Crew (our local MLS team) lined up.
  5. Alex’s work is hosting a little happy hour this evening for us to celebrate our engagement, and I couldn’t think of a nicer way to start off the weekend early.
  6. I’ve got one last two-miler in the books today before two days of complete rest leading up to Sunday’s half marathon. I ran a lot of miles last week, and I don’t want any surprise overuse injuries popping up. So far so good!
  7. Right now, I’m in the mindset of, “I can do this,” but I’m sure the nerves are on their way.
  8. I believe I can run the distance, but I’m keep all my fingers and toes crossed that I can finish strong.


Are you racing this weekend?

Where do you take your family when they come to visit?

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