Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Week #12

I’m training to run my first half marathon this fall! I’ll be racing the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September and recapping my training every Tuesday leading up to race day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.28.00 PM

Twelve training recaps later, and I’ve run my first half marathon. I’m sharing a race recap on Thursday, but here’s what I was doing during the days leading up to race day.

I only had a four miler and a two miler planned for the week. I meant to do a little strength work in the first few days, but I slacked off in that area. I took Tuesday’s run nice and easy following a 31-mile week, but I could tell my legs still weren’t at 100%.

I happily took rest days on Wednesday and Thursday with a little foam rolling before bed and an emphasis on sleep. However, by Friday I was antsy. I went out for the two-miler that evening but ended it at one because I could feel a twinge of pain in my inner calf.

I walked home discouraged. Had I overtrained just in time for my race?! Ultimately, I’m glad I slacked off on the strength work and took advantage of extra rest days. I’m even glad the twinge in my calf made me stop at a mile. On Sunday, my legs were as fresh and pain-free as they could be.

Post-race, I’m actually not too sore (mainly hips + glutes), but I know my knees are happy for a little rest!

Here’s how week #12 breaks down…

  • Monday (9/14): Rest
  • Tuesday (9/15): 4.0 Miles
  • Wednesday (9/16): Rest + foam rolling
  • Thursday (9/17): Rest + foam rolling
  • Friday (9/18): 2.0 Mile walk + 1.0 mile run
  • Saturday (9/19): Rest + foam roll
  • Sunday (9/20): 13.1 Miles!!!

Weekly Mileage: 18.1 Miles


What do you do the week after a big race? How soon do you begin running again?

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3 thoughts on “Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Week #12”

  1. I usually take two full days off, and then slowly start running again – no speed workouts, no high intensity, just going with the flow. 🙂 I love running too much to not run!


  2. Great job!! I hope it was a fantastic experience.

    I usually take a couple of days off, but really it depends on how my legs feel. Either way, I take it easy.


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