Friday Five: People Who Motivate Me

I’m linking-up with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run again today! This week’s theme is People Who Motivate Me.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 1.40.24 AMIn today’s Friday Five, I’m sharing and celebrating the people who motivate me to keep running.

  1. My parents. As I’ve written before, my parents were the original runners. They weren’t running when I picked it up, but my running re-sparked theirs. Since then, my dad calls to let me know his mileage (20+ miles a week!), and I think, if my Dad can wake up for a run at 5am before treating patients for 12 hours…then I can run too.
  2. Alex. My fiancé is my speedier half but will run/bike next to me if it helps me get out there. He’s also the one who reminds me how bad I want to see a goal through when I’d rather skip a day.
  3. The Oiselle Voleé. This group of women is inspiring, and they make me want to run. Head up, wings out.
  4. Emily is one of my best friends in the word, and she’s a runner. She’s the first friend I knew who ran long distances, and the first one who made running all those miles possible.
  5. All of you! Which sounds terrible cheesy, but it’s so true. I am constantly motivated by the work others do for this thing we all love, and it’s infectious.
Hugging Emily at mile 8 of the New York City Marathon 2014
Hugging Emily at mile 8 of the New York City Marathon 2014

Who (or what) motivates you?

13 thoughts on “Friday Five: People Who Motivate Me”

  1. My list looks almost exactly like yours… in the same order. Funny how our parents have such a positive influence on us. That’s why I keep hoping it everything I do is rubbing off on my kids.


  2. I’m glad I found your blog! I love seeing who motivates others to be better, thanks for sharing. I ran for Oiselle Violee for a while and they truly are so supportive. Have a great weekend!


  3. My list is pretty similar! Parents, husband, friends, a few others… 🙂 I love that photo of you and your friend during the NYC marathon. I vividly remember hugging a friend during my first marathon and I swear I can still remember the softness of her fleece jacket – it was a cold day. I don’t think the spectators will ever understand how much they mean to runners!


    1. It was incredible to be able to find her in the crowd or runners and so special to be a part of that moment! How sweet that you remember so much of that moment with your friend too 🙂


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