September Recap + October Goals

I’ve broken down my 2015 aspirations into month-to-month goals. If you’re interested, you can also check out my May GoalsMay RecapJune GoalsJune Recap, July GoalsJuly Recap, August Goals, August Recap, and September Goals.Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.19.10 PM

We’re already over a week into October, but here are my September goals recap and October goals, anyway 🙂

My October’s goals…

  1. Stay accountable. I think I did well with this one. I was struggling in the motivation department as August came to a close, but I finished my workouts this month even when I didn’t want to start and most importantly, rested when my body said, “Rest.”
  2. Stay injury free. Yes! By sticking with goal #1, I showed up at the start line of the Navy Air Force Half Marathon injury-free and ready to run.
  3. Race a half marathon. Yes, again! I raced a faster second half and finished my last mile two minutes faster than the mile 12.

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.36.36 PM

Here’s what I’d like to get done this October:

  1. Race shorter distances. I changed my mind about running another half marathon this month, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try my hand at some other distances. I have a 10K planned, but I wouldn’t mind a 5k or the like if it came my way!
  2. Get to the gym. After I moved apartments in August, I left behind my “free” in-building gym. I was debating joining a gym in the city until I remembered that I’m still a grad student and have access to GW’s rec center. Whoops. I’m going to take advantage of those weights/bikes/machine and the pool while I still can.
  3. Try new things. This is a prime time to try some new (and old) classes I neglected while training for the half. Considering Pure Barre, TRX, and a little yoga!

Any new goals for you this month? Do you suggest any classes in the DC area?

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