Weekend Wrap-Up: One Stolen Phone Later

This morning I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap!

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I just did what I usually do on the evening I write up my weekend wrap-up: I pull out my phone to see what photos I took. A quick refresher. Where did I go? What did I do? What did I eat? Haha! Except this time…I didn’t have a phone to pull out.

Mine was stolen on Tuesday – ripped from my hands as I talked on the phone, walking home from the metro at night. I chased after the thief, swearing, until I reached my house (twenty feet?!), and ran straight to my laptop to shut off my phone and report the crime. Unfortunately, the creep turned my phone off before I could pinpoint where he was going, and I never expect to see it again. I’m left wary and violated. Why did it have to be on my street?! The place where I leave for my runs in the morning and walk home to late at night…

I’ve had days to sit on this, and I’ve fluctuated between anger, fear, resignation and frustration. I think… I’m glad it wasn’t my wallet, or my ring. It could’ve been much worse. I’m safe. I’ll know better next time. But at it’s very simplest – it really sucks to be without your phone in this day and age. I can’t call an Uber when the trains run infrequently at night. I can’t see my life organized neatly in my iCal. I can’t call my mom on my lunch break. I lost my photos. iPhones are really expensive to replace without insurance.

My saint of a fiancé loaned me his phone all week while he went without, and I finally do have a phone connected to my number again. I’m ready to start a new week that doesn’t circle around the guy who robbed me of my phone.

Photo from the very talented author of the Minimalist Baker at http://minimalistbaker.com. Check it out!

On a happier note, you need to make this vegan, one-pot pasta for dinner soon. Don’t let the word vegan scare you off. You can always add parmesan cheese on top if you want 😉 Also – I make it with spaghetti pasta, and it turns out great. Alex and I made it last week, and it was so good we made it for dinner again.

This weekend was a nice one. I ran a 7 mile long run, which was much harder to get motivated for when I don’t have an upcoming race. I went out with my friends, and I watched a movie with a big bag of popcorn in the theater, but I think that venting session up above was the kind of run-down I needed to get out. More so than the weekend details. Thanks for bearing with me!

How was your weekend?

6 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: One Stolen Phone Later”

  1. I am so sorry that creep got your phone! I mean really people how sorry can you get? You are right it could have been something else or even could have hurt you. So glad it was only your phone. I know it’s very frustrating. I do exactly the same thing when I sit down to write my posts, pull out the ol phone and go through pictures that tell the story of my life. Course that is when I remember to take them. I’m doing much better than I use to though. I hope your week is better. 🙂 Thank you for linking up with us this week, much appreciated!


  2. Sorry about your phone. Unfortunately, we live in a world where so many people want something for nothing. They prey on people who work hard for what they’ve got. I’m just glad he didn’t hurt you. I know what you mean about staying motivated when there’s not a race on the calendar. I struggle to get my long runs in when I’m not in training.


    1. Thank you – yes, it’s incredibly frustrating/infuriating but I’m glad it wasn’t worse too. Trying to push through that lack of motivation isn’t easy! Need to keep my eye on the far-off prize.


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