October Recap, November Goals

I’ve broken down my 2015 aspirations into month-to-month goals. If you’re interested, you can also check out a few of my past posts: August Goals/Recap, September Goals/Recap, and October Goals.Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.36.36 PM

Before I set new goals for November, I’m checking in with my October goals. Here’s how they fared…

  1. Race shorter distances. I did (kind of) participate in the Women’s Health RUN 10 FEED 10 fun run, but otherwise, I couldn’t make any other races work. I have, on the other hand, been dreaming up spring races and looking to test a little speed in my legs at my local Thanksgiving Day turkey trot.
  2. Get to the gym. Sure! I did make it to GW’s gym more than I ever have before (I kind of just remembered I had access), but I’ve been having more success cross training with October goal #3, and thus gym visits dropped toward the second half of the month.
  3. Try new things. This month, I fell in love with classes at Yoga District. I’d never been to a studio before, but it didn’t take my long to come back after my first visit. Also – only $11.35 a class?! I can swing that. My favorite class is Thursday’s Powerful Yoga Flow with Andrew on H ST, but I took a Sunday meditation class that was so peaceful I almost fell asleep during shavasana. I also took a basic skills training class at SportRock Alexandria, and I can’t wait to take my test and continue rock climbing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.41.25 PM

Okay, November. I’ve got plans for you. This month, I’d like to…

  1. Participate in the Oiselle #ChaseTheBird Challenge. You can too! It’s simple: from November 1st – 26th, you’re challenged to (at least) 15 minutes of something everyday. I think this is the perfect incentive to get moving even on the days on I’d rather now. We can always spare 15 minutes!
  2. Stop sleeping in on my weekday runs. I’ve always known I’m not a morning person, but it’s been getting a little ridiculous. I snooze my way through almost every weekday run and then jeopardize the time i have to get it done. Making up runs later is stressful! My time is increasingly more limited as thesis deadline day approaches, and I need to use the time I have intelligently.
  3. Keep trying new things. Not specifically training for an upcoming race has freed my up my training schedule to try to new classes, and I want to keep the ball rolling. I still have so many more on my list! The scariest? An adult ballet class. I haven’t taken a class in 6+ years, and I can only imagine how sore I’ll be. But why not?!

What are your goals for November? Anyone else participating in #ChaseTheBird?

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