Weekend Wrap-Up: Back to the Midwest

This morning I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.11.55 PMHappy November! I’ve been in Ohio this past weekend visiting my family, eating too many cinnamon sugar donuts, and sneaking another trip to the apple orchard.

We came for the donuts, but I needed a snap of these cookies!

I flew to Detroit before the sun rose on Thursday, and my Mom and I spent the day in Royal Oak, Michigan. We stopped for donuts (seriously. this is becoming a problem) and coffee before going to a fabric store on the main street. Why? To see a whole lot of bridal tulle, taffeta, satin and lace. My very talented mom will be making my wedding veil (among a few other things), and we wanted some ideas.


I went on a run that night on the treadmill because 45 degrees felt too cold to brave the outdoors. I’ve become such a wimp. I used to be a champ getting out there in the snow and ice last winter, and now I can’t bear 45 degrees?! I chose the treadmill again on Friday morning because I figure a run on there is better than no run at all, right?

The best part of Friday was a quick little trip to MacQueen Orchards for…you guessed it: more donuts (and cider slushies). My mouth has felt like it’s been coated in sugar for 90% of this trip. Nipping this in the bud on Monday.

IMG_5607 2IMG_5559

I didn’t dress up for Halloween because I was too busy failing at getting any thesis work done, but I felt like I was secretly channeling Wednesday Adams.


It was a low-key weekend with the people I love, and I miss them already. Thank goodness Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

What did you this weekend? Did you dress up for Halloween?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap-Up: Back to the Midwest”

  1. What? How have I missed your getting married? When? It is so special your mom will be making your veil. Something you will be able to cherish forever. Sounds like you had a great trip. Love all the sweets, and yea you can get back on track this week. I fell off the wagon too. I did dress up as Sally on Halloween. Thanks so much for linking up with us.


  2. Those cookies are too cute to eat! You’re will be a beautiful bride! That’s so special that your mom is making your veil. It is going to be very pretty. I love the lace! I didn’t dress up this Halloween. We passed out candy. but we didn’t have many trick or treaters,


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