Thinking Out Loud: Cranky Knee Report

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons again for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

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Happy Thursday, everyone. I am equally happy that the weekend is almost here and frustrated at how much work I still have to do before it arrives. I’d like a few many more hours in the day this month, please. As December gets closer, and my thesis deadline looms nearer, I’m beginning to see the (far off) end of the tunnel that is a life without graduate school and my fellowship. Bring on the job hunt.

While I’m generally feeling overwhelmed and a little overcommitted these days, I’m happy to say I’ve continued to stick to my #chasethebird challenge. When things are this crazy, I’d rather not add one more thing to feel guilty about. And of course, a little exercise keeps the real crazies at bay.

When I was in college and feeling blue or buried in schoolwork, I’d call my parents and their response was always the same: have you been exercising? I’d mumble no…or that won’t help! But it almost always did.

I’ve been sticking to fitness classes or a post-work trips to the gym for cycling, as I’m continuing to give my knee some rest, but I’m still antsy to get back to running. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I have plenty on my plate already or that I’ve really mastered the listen to your body spiel, but it’s been easier (NOT easy) to set the running aside the past couple of weeks. I do know that rest is always better than exacerbating an injury, and I’m a little more patient this round to rest + restrengthen.

I’ve been doing these ITB exercises every other day with a medium resistance band, and I do believe they help. I’m still a little worried about how to properly build up mileage when I’m 100% – what’s okay? what’s too far? too fast? – but I’ll need to come up with a plan soon. I think Monday might be my first day back, and I’m think a little walk/run on an easy trail.

Until then, I’m headed to NYC on Friday to look for wedding dresses! We wanted to sneak it in before my grandmother left the country, and my whole immediate family (brothers and father included) will be coming to help (or sightsee). Then we’re driving back to Ohio together on Sunday, and I’m working from home the whole holiday week.

What are your Thanksgiving plans? 

4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud: Cranky Knee Report”

  1. Good luck getting a dress!! I’m getting married in May and haven’t really begun looking. We’re just having a ceremony in Belize with no guests or other people there, so it doesn’t really matter what I wear! And I hope your knee keeps getting better and you have a painfree run. A run/walk on soft surface sounds like a great plan!


  2. It’s amazing how quickly a little exercise can clear my head. Whenever I fell bogged down in work or totally lack the motivation to write, I force myself to step away from the computer for a little while and at least go for a quick walk. Works like a charm 😀


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