Hello, again.

This blog is back! I’m not sure how I let 4+ months pass without tending to it. I’ve spent so much time thinking about returning to this little space on the internet, but week after week, that plan never really took off.

There are a couple reasons why I’ve finally returned.

First, I missed documenting my running progress (and set-backs). It’s nice to be able to look back on an online journal and revisit not only my training but the details of a nerve-wracking/celebratory/awesome race day.

Second, I had a big shot of inspiration from my fellow Oiselle birds at the North Face Endurance Race Marathon Relay over the weekend. It was wonderful to be surrounded by incredible women and learn about their upcoming races and goals, and ultimately just soak in Oiselle team love.

Third, I’m about to begin training for my biggest race yet: the marathon! And not just any marathon, the New York City Marathon. Two years after one of my very best friends Emily ran it, where I told myself, “You’re going to do this too someday,” I am! I chose to raise money for Every Mother Counts in lieu of entering the lottery, and I think it’s going to make the race even more important for me.

Hugging Emily at NYCM 2014

I’m excited! It feels good to be back.

Thank you to MCM Mama Runs My No-Guilt Life, and Marcia’s Healthy Slice for hosting Tuesdays on the Run!


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