NYC Marathon Training Recap: Weeks 7 & 8

Popping back in with a double training recap! (Actually, a couple double-training recaps to catch this blog up to the present). When I left off, my house had been happily overrun by my siblings and two pups, and I was trying my best to fit in training.

Weeks 7 and 8 were a little more exciting that most, as the first weekend was spent at my surprise bachelorette weekend and during the second, I was in NYC for a wedding dress fitting. Both weekend long runs were run in new places, and it was nice to switch it up.

Here’s what training looked like…

Week 7 (Monday, August 15)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.0 mile run
Wednesday: 30m bike ride + upper strength
Thursday: 5.0 mile run (3 "Press Snooze"s later)
Friday: Runner's Yoga with Adrienne
Saturday: 12.0 mile run
Sunday: 3.0 mile run
Total Mileage: 24.0 miles

Week 8 (Monday, August 22)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 4.0 mile run
Wednesday: 34m bike ride + upper strength
Thursday: 4.0 mile run
Friday: 36m bike ride
Saturday: 3.0 mile run
Sunday: 8.0 mile run
Total Mileage: 19.0 miles


The bad: Looking back, I can see now that this is where my distaste for my Tuesday runs began. I love Monday rest days (a later alarm, more free time), but I do eventually get excited to run the next day. Somewhere along the line though, I get to bed way too late, wrongly convincing myself that it won’t affect the next morning, and I wake up exhausted, dreading leaving my comfy bed to run (increasingly, in the dark). This means I’ll usually press “Snooze” until I’ve derailed my whole morning. I’ll eventually leave to run, but I’ll stress nearly the entire time about how late I’m going to be to work. Or (as what happens next week), I don’t end up running in the morning and have to find time in the afternoon (never a good idea).

The good: I haven’t run 12 miles since March at the New York City Half so I’d been making myself nervous for week 7’s long run. Luckily, one of my bridesmaids (and a NYC Marathon finisher!) kept me company, and it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. We were staying in the Irish Hills in Michigan, and we ran up and down country roads and by lakes and on dirt paths with tall, glorious, old trees. We didn’t get started until a little later in the morning, but it was mainly overcast and we even got pleasantly rained on in the last mile, which was so welcome.

Week 8’s long run was through an entire loop of Central Park, plus a loop around the reservoir. I loved it. Aside from the NYC Half, I’ve never run in the city. I wasn’t a runner for 90% of my trips there over the years, and the other visits have been too jam-packed to fit one in. March’s half marathon was also freezing, and I’d had an achy hip and knee for the second half. This time, the park was blooming, and I had a different experience running it with more confidence (injury-free). I ran the loop counter-clockwise, but on race day, I’ll be repeating the first couple miles I ran on in reverse at the end of the course on race day.

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