NYC Marathon Training Recap: Weeks 9 & 10

In the continuation of “really, really good weekends,” weeks 9 and 10 included a trip to my college Alma mater, my third half marathon finish, and the longest run I’ve ever completed. My Thursday run increased to 7 miles, and in turn, I’ve became the kind of person that runs 7 miles before work. I also made the mistake of looking up the longest Thursday run I’ll have this training cycle (spoiler: 10 miles). Yikes.

Taken post-delicious breakfast at the Village Bakery
Even beautiful things grow out of the cement in Athens

Week 9 (Monday, August 29)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5.0 mile run
Wednesday: 35min bike ride + upper strength
Thursday: 7.2 mile run
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 13.1 mile run
Sunday: 3.1 mile run
Total Mileage: 28.4 miles
Week 10 (Monday, September 5)
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5.2 mile run
Wednesday: Runner's Yoga with Adrienne
Thursday: 7.0 mile run  
Friday: 30min bike ride + upper strength
Saturday: 14.3 mile run (Longest run yet!)
Sunday: 3.0 mile run 
Total Mileage: 29.5 miles
Crossing the finish line at the Boy Scout Half marathon

The bad: I still don’t like my Tuesday runs. I somehow justified it in my head that I could fit 5 miles in after work both of these weeks, and I really, really wish I hadn’t. They were both really hot, humid, muggy days that made me feel nauseous for the first two miles, and I wanted to quit early on each time. I didn’t. That part was good. On a sad note: R.I.P. winged-Hokas – they maxed out their mileage this week.

The good: I finished my third half marathon! I treated it as a training run so there was no pressure to beat my previous times, but it was a little test for my ego as I watched people pass me in the start of the race as I tried to keep slow and steady. On the bright side, it paid off! I actually found a running partner on the course (a total stranger) who kept me company for 4? 5? miles in the first half. I’ve never done that before, and it was a nice way to pass the miles.

I also ran briefly with an 85-year-old women who was keeping an incredible pace. She said she started running in her 50s. I broke off around mile 7 (which I went on to think was too early for at least a whole mile), but I’m glad I did. I was running a comfortable, easy pace with my new friend, but I had plans for a speedier second half. I accomplished it – I ran finished every mile after 8 faster than the one before and passed numerous people who had burned out near the end. It felt wonderful to really run the last three miles and feel strong and capable.

I was also able to run in Athens, Ohio were I went to college. I didn’t run when I lived there so it was another check off my bucket list. My legs felt just a little tight after the previous day’s half marathon, but I’m learning to appreciate the benefits of a “recovery run” to loosen everything back up.

And a big one: I ran 14 miles – my longest running distance to date. I actually bumped into a fellow-runner and neighbor in the metropark (~5 miles in to my run), and he joined me for another 4 or 5 miles. The only downside is I pushed a little harder than I would have normally and ended the run more tired than I intended. The company was still worth it.

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