Owens Corning Half Training Recap: Week 2

Things I learned about myself this week: I am more than capable of completing the “scary” workouts (read: not “4 easy miles”). I feel like superwoman when I run 7 miles before work. Running on a severe incline in the gym makes me feel silly for about half a second until I put my head down and just do the work. Boulder, Colorado and the Flatirons are – as always – silly, silly beautiful.

  • Monday: Pure Barre
  • Tuesday: A threshold interval workout*, including 2 warm-up miles, 4×1 mile at 10K pace with 90s rest in between and a 1 miles cool-down for a total of 7.3 miles
  • Wednesday: Pure Barre in the morning and a short Jasyoga recovery stretch before bed
  • Thursday: Strength work* (squats and lunges with weights) and a hill repeat workout on the treadmill (too icy outside to risk it outdoors) – 2 warm-up miles, 5×30 seconds at a hard effort with a walk down in between, and an 1x85s at 5k pace, with a 1.0 cool down
  • Friday: Rest day, traveling to Denver
  • Saturday: 8.5 miles on the Flatiron Vista Prairie Trail in Boulder, CO
  • Sunday: Quick 2.2 mile run around downtown Denver before breakfast
  • Weekly mileage = 22

*Warm-up first: hip raises, single-leg hip raise, clamshells

Overall, I’m proud of this week – particularly fitting in 2 runs while out of town. Saturday’s trail was very rocky for about 6/8.5 miles, and my right foot PF is a little cranky. I’m going to keep an eye on that as I chug through the upcoming week!

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