Owens Corning Half Training Recap: Week 4

While wild temperature changes in Ohio are not exactly unusual..running (and sweating) in shorts and a t-shirt in February is still bizarre. The weather cooled down considerably on Saturday, but since I had it scheduled as a rest day, all of this week’s runs were quite pleasant. I’ve been relying on the treadmill a lot during the winter for my mid-week runs, but as the mileage cranks up, keeping myself entertained on there is difficult.

Special notes on this week’s training: Friday’s run was pushed until after work and made possible by the fact that Alex volunteered to ride his bike next to me as I ran. It kept me accountable and more comfortable as I finished out the last couple of miles on the bike trail in the dark. This was also the first week I really practiced my half marathon goal pace (11:05), and Friday’s 5 miles averaged at 11:06. I’ll take it.

Finally, I drove about a half hour to the Oak Opening Metropark for my long run, and I am so glad that I did. It’s no secret that Wildwood is my favorite place to run in NW Ohio, but Oak Openings gave it a run for its money. I ran through sand dunes, meadows, and gorgeous red pine forests. After the initial fear of getting lost subsided (I like knowing where trails meet and connect), I really enjoyed it. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, one easy way of breaking up the monotony of a long run is finding new places to get it done.

  • Monday: Pure Barre
  • Tuesday: 2 mile warm-up*, 4 x 400m at 3k pace, 1 mile cool-down for a total of 4.6 miles, including rest
  • Wednesday: Pure Barre –  this time I brought my little sister to class!
  • Thursday: 5 easy miles*
  • Friday: 2 mile warm-up*, 2 x 2 miles at half marathon goal pace, plus one more, and a 1 mile cool down for a little over 8 miles
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: 10 miles on trails in Oak Openings
  • Weekly mileage = 28 miles running

*Warm-up first: hip raises, single-leg hip raise, clamshells

I’m linking up Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC + Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap.

7 thoughts on “Owens Corning Half Training Recap: Week 4”

  1. Metropark looks beautiful! If it were me, I would have sat down with a nice book and some hot cocoa, instead of running 😛


  2. I have the same thoughts about Oak Openings. I live close enough to it to bike to it, and maybe get a long run in from my house, but I really am not familiar with the trail layout. I either end up short changed and have to run around in circles (which I don’t care for), or get lost and get too many miles in! I need to make it a priority to learn some of those trails because it is such a beautiful place!!


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