Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 8

Week 8 finishes out two months of marathon training! Since last week was my first 40+ mile week, I knew I could do it again, and I actually have one more week of high mileage before a much anticipated cutback week.

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 2 mile warm-up to the track, 16 x 400m at 8-10k pace w/45s rest, and a 0.75 mile cool-down back home
  • Wednesday: (am) Pure Barre + (pm) 5 miles easy
  • Thursday: 2 mile warm-up, 3 x 2 miles a little faster than half marathon pace, and a  1 mile cool-down
  • Friday:  Glow yoga – much needed yoga practice under fun black lights!
  • Saturday: 14.3 birthday miles in Pinckney
  • Sunday: 1 easy mile, 5 “steady miles,” and 1.7 easy miles to round up the weekly mileage
  • Weekly mileage = 44

I usually use Friday as my rest day, but since last week’s rest day included 13+ miles of walking around Chicago…I figured a real one was deserved and switched it to Monday.

My cute, 4-legged, running buddy. I’ve started taking him on my cool-down miles over the past couple months, and he and I had our longest run together this week! 2.5 miles on Wednesday

Low of the week was not budgeting enough time on Saturday to get in another 1.7 miles for my schedule 16-miler, but that trail run was tough, and I was out there for about the same time I would’ve for a road 16er. It was actually exactly how I wanted to spend my birthday – trail running long, followed by a giant Cuban burger + margarita at Frita Batido in Ann Arbor.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 8”

  1. Happy belated birthday! Mine is coming up this Friday 🙂 You had an awesome week of running and working out. Your pup is adorable!


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