Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 10

I think I expected to feel a little more rested + normal this week with a cutback in running mileage, but I was already sore and tired by Wednesday. I took my second Pure Barre Empower class this week, and it was just as fast, high heart-rate conducing, and awesome as my first. I’m going to try and take that class once a week when I can. Then my brother Benji left for college on Wednesday so we squeezed in his first class together on Tuesday evening. He had admittingly underestimated the class (like I did), and he rode the pain train like a good sport.

Just as in this spring’s half marathon training, I credit my ability to run this ever increasing running mileage (including my first ever three 40+ mileage weeks) to putting in the work at Pure Barre. Finding a time-efficient, effective strength workout that I actually love to do has made a world of difference in making me a stronger runner.


By Wednesday morning, I pushed the third Pure Barre class I had planned off the table. I needed to sleep in. I’d already gotten 2x cross training sessions in, I wanted to rest, and that’s okay.

As my best friends were traveling to the Midwest for a reunion this weekend, the last thing I wanted to do was spend any of it running. Thankfully I fit in my “shorter” 10 mile long run on Friday morning, and Sunday’s run was done only a wee bit hungover… On the bright side, my “easy” pace actually did feel easy and was a little faster than I intended, even as I actively tried to slow down.

This long run rearranging will pay off even more next week, as I’m traveling to China (!) on September 1st to visit my brother. I need to run 18 miles midweek to avoid running on a hotel treadmill, and it’s good to have as many days as possible between two long runs. Wish me luck!

  • Monday: Pure Barre Empower
  • Tuesday: (am) 2 mile warm-up, 5 miles at marathon pace, 1 mile cool-down. Goal was ~10:07 and the miles were 9:30, 9:26, 9:26, 9:28, 9:25, 9:27 + (pm) Pure Barre w/ my husband and my brother.
  • Wednesday: Rest day
  • Thursday: 4 easy miles – a little shorter than planned due to a late night/early work meeting
  • Friday:  10 miles, including 3 with the pup
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: 8 easy miles
  • Weekly mileage = 30

I’m linking up Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC’s training recap.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 10”

  1. You are getting so fast! I’ve loved seeing you kick ass – at running and at PB. I’m finding it really hard to get to PB now that I’m just so much busier at work. I’ve been doing some yoga here and there but I miss my PB classes!


    1. Thank you, friend! That means a lot. I’m keeping Hanson’s in the back of my head for a marathon one day, but I’m committed to a monthly PB membership until next winter, and I don’t think I could make it in enough to warrant it with all of the running, but maybe after! I’m having trouble getting there just once a week sometimes it feels. Hopefully you’ll have a little more time after you crush Berlin!

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