Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 13

Peak week is done!!!

We flew into the Detroit airport from Beijing on Sunday evening and with the help of ZzQuil, I slept pretty normally. I was thrilled to be in my own bed with a whole Monday to unpack and recover before returning to work.

I had all intentions of running Tuesday’s tempo miles on Monday during my day off, but it didn’t end up happening, and I think it’s for the best. This week was a bigger jump in mileage from last week, and I think the extra day of rest did me well.

I did, however, have to adjust the prescribed tempo workout from 2 x 5 tempo miles to 8 consecutive tempo miles because I didn’t have the time for that many miles before work (or the will to set an earlier alarm). I was relatively awake for the workout and felt great afterward, but I was a walking zombie from 2pm to bedtime with the time change.

Despite the jet lag that persisted until Wednesday, I really wanted to run 50 miles this week if my body was cooperative.  That meant sleeping as much as possible, watching my HR to ensure my easy runs were easy, and checking in with myself. I also made myself go to Pure Barre twice this week because I wasn’t going to let all my hard work be derailed with an injury now, and Pure Barre has been my savior for strengthening those ancillary muscles.

After Sunday’s 20-miler, I really feel like I’m over the hill of this marathon training cycle. I finished my long run during the hottest part of the day – as someone only as silly as myself does – but I nailed my nutrition (Nuun, Clif Bloks, and pretzel sticks) and marathon pace miles with the help of several water refills. I actually ended up going podcast and music free until the last mile. I could’ve used a podcast at mile 16, but I couldn’t bring myself to pause long enough to pull my phone out of it’s snug pocket in my Portman shorts. You know how much harder it is to get those legs moving again the further you are into a long run… In the end though, I got my phone out at mile 19 to tell my husband to meet me at mile 20 for a ride home and listened to music for that last mile, finishing on high note.

As I write this on Monday morning, I slept a little more than 9 hours last night (and know I could’ve easily slept more), but I feel as good as can be! I have a couple more workouts this week, but the mileage is definitely being cut down, and the race is in sight. I’ll been narrowing down race day outfit choices, putting a few more miles on my race day shoes, and coming up with a race plan as the final three weeks tick by.

When you can’t be trusted to remember what miles need to be run at goal marathon pace…
  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 2 warm-up miles, 8 tempo miles (9:56, 9:52, 9:45, 9:52, 9:50, 9:45, 9:52, 9:52), 1 cool-down mile
  • Wednesday: (am) 6.2 miles (pm) Pure Barre
  • Thursday: (am) 4.3 miles (pm) 2.3 miles total to and from Pure Barre
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: 1 easy mile, 4 steady, 1.2 easy miles
  • Sunday: 20 mile long run w/miles 13-16 @ marathon pace (10:05, 10:03, 10:07, 10:01)
  • Weekly mileage = 50
Ridiculous things runners do: wear colorful spandos + purple compression socks and thrown their legs upside down on a wall. #recovery

I’m linking up Courtney @ Eat Pray Run DC’s training recap.

3 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 13”

  1. Love your leggings! so fun.

    Awesome to find another runner/fan of Pure Barre 🙂 I love barre in general for runners, its everything I should be doing.

    How cool that you were in Beijing, what an incredible experience.


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