Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 14

After last Sunday’s 20-miler, I felt surprisingly good on Monday. Not too sore, definitely tired, and really excited about the extra rest day my plan had scheduled. On Tuesday, I bribed myself out of bed with “just one mile” and managed 4.5 before I had to get ready for work. Looking back, I wish I would’ve stuck to the original plan (6 miles), but considering my running motivation was hovering about zero, I’ll call it a win.

I think it’s a natural problem. I was coming off a 50 mile week of running, which is huge for me, and I was not only physically tired, but mentally tired of getting out the door for another run.

Wednesday’s run was actually supposed to have 6 miles at marathon pace, but since I was running after work, the heatwave we’ve been experiencing this week skyrocketed my heart rate during the 2 pace miles I managed. I didn’t think it was worth it to push it.

Friday-Sunday’s stretch of workouts made me really sore. Between the track workout, my first Pure Barre class in a week, and the long run with surges, I’ve been aching. Really looking forward to this next week of tapering and seeing an even bigger reduction in miles and workouts.

Things are beginning to look like fall, but the temperature isn’t listening.
  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 4.5 easy miles
  • Wednesday: 6 easy miles, 2 @ marathon pace (10:10, 10:07)
  • Thursday: Rest day
  • Friday: 2.5 mile warm-up, 8 x 800m @ 10k pace (~9:22) at 9:18, 9:22, 9:18, 9:19, 9:15, 9:19, 9:21, 9:20, and 1.5 mile cool-down
  • Saturday: 1 mile to Pure Barre and 4 miles home
  • Sunday: 6.3 miles outside to my parents’ treadmill, followed by 5.7 miles inside on the treadmill with 7 x 90s surges at 5k pace for 12 total miles (Heat: 1, Victoria: 0)
  • Weekly mileage = 36

I’m linking up with Holly + Tricia and their Weekly Wrap.

2 thoughts on “Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 14”

  1. Congrats for such a good week, despite the lack of motivation! I find that if I know I cant be bothered to run, I’ll go to bed in my running clothes and set an alarm early – that way I’m out the door before I’ve woken up properly, and by that time I have no excuse! (Or that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow anyway…) I hope your tapering goes well 🙂


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