Owens Corning Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 4

I’ll be recapping each week of my training leading up to the Owens Corning Half Marathon in April. I’m running with Dave’s Spring Marathon In-Training (MIT) for 16 weeks leading up to race day. If you’re local and interested in joining, you can still sign-up for Dave’s MIT through January 31st. Check out the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon weekend too!

One quarter of the way there! Week four included a slight cut back in mileage but two big workouts, including 4 miles at half marathon pace. If you remember from week 1, training started off with two miles at half marathon pace, and they felt closer to a 5k effort. Week 2’s half marathon pace miles went better, but I was spent by the third mile. Now I was going to see how week 4 would go.

The weather cooperated on Tuesday, and I settled on one of the best places to run a tempo – through UT’s campus to the University/Parks Trail. I was mildly freaked about the workout, but I’m pretty encouraged looking back on it now! The first mile was thwarted by an uphill stretch to the bike trail, but the middle two pace miles felt comfortably hard, as they should be. The last pace mile included a little more effort back up the hill to my neighborhood, but I’m happy with the end result – not bad for week 4 of 16. This sub-2 half might actually happen.

This week’s shot of our 1:57/4:55 Dave’s MIT group at the track

Thursday’s workout also went by without incident at the track with my Dave’s MIT group. I stuck behind my coach and followed his lead, even after some runners broke away to run faster for the last couple intervals. He’d yell good sportingly, “Just because you can run faster doesn’t mean that you should!” I also felt that I could’ve run faster, but I considered that a good sign and decided it didn’t need testing. I actually told my coach, “If this will help be run a 1:57, I am fine right here!”

This week also confirmed that I can’t (shouldn’t) plan my easy miles around running to and from Pure Barre. Running to class is fine, but my heart rate shoots up too high on the run home, and it negates the purpose of running “easy.” I might try running in the morning and taking Pure Barre in the afternoon, but it can get hard to juggle two-a-days regularly during a work day. Either way, I’ll continue to double it up on workout days to keep the hard days hard.

Saturday hosted our last long run in Wildwood, and the miles ticked by pretty quickly with our group. The miles genuinely felt “easy” in effort, and I continued to mentally savor these confidence-building moments as the weekly mileage ticks up and the workouts get harder.

Another hot tea + Gatorade combo
First we run, and then we find bagels.

I’m actually looking forward for a little uptick in miles next week!

  • Monday: 2.2 easy miles to/from Pure Barre
  • Tuesday: 1 warm-up mile, 4 @ half marathon pace (9:10, 9:03, 8:56, 9:01), and 0.8 cool-down mile (the missing mileage from Monday)
  • Wednesday: 3 easy miles
  • Thursday: (am) Pure Barre, (pm) Dave’s MIT track workout at BGSU: 1 mile warm-up, 4 x 800m and 4 x 400m with a 1 minute rest in between, and cool-down for a total of 5 miles
  • Friday: Rest day
  • Saturday: 7.2 mile long run
  • Sunday: Power yoga
  • Weekly mileage = 23 miles, 2 PB, 1 Yoga Class


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