Owens Corning Half Marathon Training Recap: Weeks 13 & 14

I’ll be recapping each week of my training leading up to the Owens Corning Half Marathon in April. I’m running with Dave’s Spring Marathon In-Training (MIT) for 16 weeks leading up to race day.

I’m growing increasingly antsy for race day because I’m ready to snag a big PR, but I’m also looking forward to a much anticipated break from training. Sixteen weeks is also an extra long half marathon training cycle, but I know I’m going to be thankful for each and every one after race day.

Week 13:

  • Monday: 1 mile warm-up over the Williamsburg from Brooklyn into Manhattan, 60 minutes @ half marathon pace [8:44, 8:52, 8:08, 9:09, 8:51, 9:00], and 5 minute cool-down. One of those tempo miles is not like the other! I blame running near bridges and under overpasses because I had trouble figuring out what pace I was running. Kept muttering “smooth and fast, smooth and fast” to myself, especially on the headwind on the way back. Rode the subway train back to Brooklyn and ran another 0.6 miles to to the bagel deli. We were too cold and hungry to walk it.
  • Tuesday: 4.3 easy miles in an uncomfortably hot gym – I chose to unpack from NYC in the morning and run after work, but I didn’t end up leaving until 6:30. Alex picked me up and we went straight to the gym or else I  would’ve surely bailed on the day’s run. I told myself I’d settle for three miles but was able to push on a little longer. I tried my best to ignore how hot I felt in there.
  • Wednesday: 3.1 easy miles to Pure Barre after work and 2.2 miles home. I actually felt better than expected and went out for another 1.1 miles accompanied by Alex on his boosted board.
  • Thursday: (am) Pure Barre, (pm) 1 mile warm-up, 3 x 2000m @ 8:00 pace, 1.5 mile cool-down on my parents’ treadmill – Alex and I were driving to Bowling Green to meet our Dave’s MIT training but we were stressed running a few minutes late and it only took two interactions with crazy drivers in the pouring rain to convince us to turn around. On the bright side, the intervals felt great and I even ran the last 400m of the last set around 7:45.
  • Friday: (am) 5 easy miles – I had actually planned to run 4 since I went a little over what I planned for the week, but Alex had the house key and he was out for five miles so I did the same. (pm) Pure Barre
  • Saturday: 11 mile long run at Dave’s Spring Training Run in Oak Openings – major take-home from this practice run is a reminder that I need to get a handle on how much water I chug beforehand. My bladder was so stupid full and I was uncomfortable until we stopped at mile 6. I will not be stopping during race day!!!
  • Sunday: Glorious rest day!!!! After 42 miles in six days and 3 Pure Barre classes, I was beat. Happy to have reached peak weak of training and taper a bit until race day.
  • Weekly mileage = 42 miles, 3 PB

Week 14:

  • Monday: 4.8 easy miles after work
  • Tuesday: 1 warm-up mile, 8 miles @ half marathon pace [9:02, 8:58, 8:58, 9:01, 8:53, 8:56, 8:55, 8:55], 5 minute cool-down. Longest tempo done!!! I’m going to look back on this work-out leading up to race day. If I can run that after a 42 mile/3 PB week, I can run 13.1 at that pace and faster.
  • Wednesday: 2.3 easy miles to Pure Barre and 1.7 easy miles home – the 5:30a wake-up call hurt, and my legs felt like cinder blocks on the run home from class. How many days until race day?!
  • Thursday: (am) Pure Barre, (pm) 1 mile warm-up to the local university’s track (open! empty! yes!), 6 x 1000m [avg. pace 8:18, 8:12, 8:08, 8:08, 8:03, 7:59], and a mile cool-down home. Welp, I wanted to give up after the first 1000m repeat and then I thought I could do 3 more, but I stuck it out and made each one faster than the last. Legs are still reaaaaal tired.
  • Friday: 3.2 easy-paced, reluctant miles
  • Saturday: 9 mile long run – I love that Dave’s MIT April long runs meet at UT because I can run to and from the group.
  • Sunday: Rest day!
  • Weekly mileage = 37 miles, 2 PB

We’re less than two weeks out from race day! Make sure you’ve downloaded the RaceJoy app to check out the associated perks with the Glass City Marathon. It’s an easy way to track runners if you’re a spectator, and I’ll be using it to find my bib number and check the course map.


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