Owens Corning Half Marathon Training Recap: Week 15

I’ll be recapping each week of my training leading up to the Owens Corning Half Marathon in April. I’m running with Dave’s Spring Marathon In-Training (MIT) for 16 weeks leading up to race day.

We are less than one week from race day!!!

Week fifteen was plagued by a strange feeling of heat over my right ankle. It popped up last Sunday, but it wasn’t accompanied by any ankle pain or discomfort…just heat. It was so strange. The ankle wasn’t swollen or warm to the touch, but I still felt the warm sensation. Since I’ve never experienced anything like it, I feared it was a new injury. I skipped two easy runs this week in an effort to take it easier and tried to focus on staying calm. I had 14 weeks of training in the bank, and if less running resolved the problem then that’s what I would do. I replaced those runs with Pure Barre, but I’ll definitely be decreasing the number of classes I take next week before race day. I ended up seeking out a physical therapist on Thursday, and after I received a clear check-up, my anxiety around the problem shrunk tenfold.

I’ll be checking in later this week with race goals for Sunday!

“Smile! I need a photo for my Strava activity!”

Week 15:

  • Monday: Pure Empower – my ankle was still experiencing the weird heat feeling from yesterday so I opted to go to Pure Empower after work and it kicked my butt. It always does. I was sore for at least two days.
  • Tuesday: 1 mile warm-up, 2 mile Fartlek with 3 minutes on/1 minute off, and a mile cool-down – my ankle still felt weird so I opted for a 2 mile Fartlek instead of the 4 that were scheduled. I figured I’d take this thing day by day.
  • Wednesday: Pure Barre – I decided to take a rest day from running and planned to see the PT at Thursday’s track night. Even though my ankle wasn’t hurting, the heat sensation was too weird to shake off.
  • Thursday: (am) Pure Barre, (pm) 1.5 mile warm-up, 12 x 400m @ ~7:15 pace, and a mile cool-down at Perrysburg High School with Dave’s MIT – I stood in line to get my foot checked out by the physical therapist before the workout, and I got the go ahead! Once the worst case scenario was discredited, it gave me the confidence to work hard and run “fast” during the workout, and it made up for every grouchy mile I’ve run the past couple of weeks. I finished off the evening on a major runner’s high.
  • Friday: (am) Pure Barre, (pm) 2.1 miles around the neighborhood with the pup – I ran the miles primarily because I was bugging out about missing two easy runs this week, and partly because it’d be more fun to run than walk the pup.
  • Saturday: 7 easy miles in the rain and wind with the rest of the Dave’s MIT crazies who were more willing to get it done together in craptastic weather than alone on a treadmill.
  • Sunday: Rest day
  • Weekly mileage = 19.1 miles, 4 PB (10 miles shy of the plan, but I finished the week with a happier ankle than I started it)
First we run in the rain. Then we return to a normal temperature and immediately find pancakes.

If you’re running the Glass City Marathon, or one of the other races this weekend, come find me at the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon Health & Wellness Expo & Packet Pickup. I’ll be there Saturday morning with a few other Glass City Ambassadors. Don’t forget to download the RaceJoy app either to track other runners and pull up race information. The big day is almost here!


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