Weekend Wrap-Up: Rock Climbing, Navy Yard, Spectating the MC10K

This morning I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap!

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First-off, congratulations to all Marine Corps Marathon and 10K finishers! (I also can’t wait to read your race recaps.) It’s been exciting to see this city fill with runners, and if I didn’t have a marathon fever before…I definitely do now.

On that note, let’s flashback to the weekend.

On Saturday morning, I did something that I’ve been wanting to do for months: try indoor rock climbing again. My Dad used to take my siblings and I to a climbing wall in Ann Arbor, MI all the time growing up, and I loved scaling those walls. I wasn’t a kid with excellent hand-eye coordination, but I was a ballet dancer, and my leg strength and balance did me favors on the wall.

I haven’t been back to do it in ages, however, and I knew that if I wanted to rock climb without assistance from the gym, I would need to renew my belaying/climbing skills. I signed up for a $30 basic skills class at Sportrock in Arlington (there’s also a gym in Rockville), and I thought it was worth every penny. The two hours flew by, the instructor was great, and we were able to climb with groups of three after the class was over for as long as we wanted to stick around. We were even sent home with rope to practice our knots and written instructions in case we needed help. Next step? Take a belaying test on my next visit and then I’ll be cleared to belay for my partner.

Don’t worry…I was not belaying for Alex when I took this photo 😉

Seriously though, I was like a little kid that whole morning. I had so much fun! 

We borrowed a car to drive to the climbing wall so we stopped at the Navy Yard on the way home for a little TaKorean lunch, a visit to the brand new Pacer’s and a grocery run. I picked up a couple Picky Bars for the first time too and saw a fellow DC Oiselle bird!

On Sunday I woke up when Alex readied for the Marine Corps 10K race. As I’ve written before, he had trained for the marathon but a knee injury didn’t make it possible this October. It’s been hard to see him struggle with the injury, but I know he’ll be back a stronger runner in no time. In light of this, he walked and ran the 10K to show his support for the generous people who helped him raise $600 for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. I struggled to find him on the course near mile six, but I caught him at the finish!

Alex post-MC10K!
Alex post-MC10K!

Inspired by the runners, and really in need of a long run (I’ll say it again, motivation is low without a training plan), I ran home to NoMa. I also may or may not have stopped at A Baked Joint for some hippie crack granola on the way…and ran with it in my hand the last mile home haha! Also it’s super awkward to wait in line while you are full out sweating. I spent the rest of the day lounging around, taking a nap, watching the Spirit of the Marathon for the first time, making baked mac ‘n cheese (trust Martha) and soaking in every bit of laziness before tomorrow’s 13-hour work day.

Getting in my own Sunday run in across the National Mall.
Getting in my own Sunday run across the National Mall.

What did you do this weekend? Race or spectate?

Weekend Wrap-Up: One Stolen Phone Later

This morning I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for Weekly Wrap!

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I just did what I usually do on the evening I write up my weekend wrap-up: I pull out my phone to see what photos I took. A quick refresher. Where did I go? What did I do? What did I eat? Haha! Except this time…I didn’t have a phone to pull out.

Mine was stolen on Tuesday – ripped from my hands as I talked on the phone, walking home from the metro at night. I chased after the thief, swearing, until I reached my house (twenty feet?!), and ran straight to my laptop to shut off my phone and report the crime. Unfortunately, the creep turned my phone off before I could pinpoint where he was going, and I never expect to see it again. I’m left wary and violated. Why did it have to be on my street?! The place where I leave for my runs in the morning and walk home to late at night…

I’ve had days to sit on this, and I’ve fluctuated between anger, fear, resignation and frustration. I think… I’m glad it wasn’t my wallet, or my ring. It could’ve been much worse. I’m safe. I’ll know better next time. But at it’s very simplest – it really sucks to be without your phone in this day and age. I can’t call an Uber when the trains run infrequently at night. I can’t see my life organized neatly in my iCal. I can’t call my mom on my lunch break. I lost my photos. iPhones are really expensive to replace without insurance.

My saint of a fiancé loaned me his phone all week while he went without, and I finally do have a phone connected to my number again. I’m ready to start a new week that doesn’t circle around the guy who robbed me of my phone.

Photo from the very talented author of the Minimalist Baker at http://minimalistbaker.com. Check it out!

On a happier note, you need to make this vegan, one-pot pasta for dinner soon. Don’t let the word vegan scare you off. You can always add parmesan cheese on top if you want 😉 Also – I make it with spaghetti pasta, and it turns out great. Alex and I made it last week, and it was so good we made it for dinner again.

This weekend was a nice one. I ran a 7 mile long run, which was much harder to get motivated for when I don’t have an upcoming race. I went out with my friends, and I watched a movie with a big bag of popcorn in the theater, but I think that venting session up above was the kind of run-down I needed to get out. More so than the weekend details. Thanks for bearing with me!

How was your weekend?