Recap: DC Glo Run 5K

I ran my second 5K race last night! Really, my second race ever. The Glo Run 5K is an untimed fun run/walk so  I could stop to walk as many times as I wanted without judgement, but I was out there to race myself. Although, that’s not to say that picking off other runners in the last couple of miles wasn’t motivating 🙂

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Glo Run 5K Race Start

Saturday in DC started out cloudy and chilly. By the evening, steady rain was falling, and Alex and I had to figure out how to dress to run three miles in the rain. I overdressed in too many layers (including as many neon, sparkly, Glo Run-appropriate clothing I could), but by the time we made it over to the race start at RFK Stadium, I chucked a couple extra layers (rain coat, half-zip) back in the car once the rain let up. Thank goodness I did because I overheated in what I was wearing just jogging over to the stadium.

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Ready to run!

A few minutes before the start, I loaded up glo sticks on my arms, wrists and running shoes. Actually, as I passed through a tunnel during the race, I had to look down to remember why there were bobbing lights attached to my feet haha! Once the race started, Alex sped ahead as planned and I ran along at my regular pace, strolling under lighted, inflatable arches and safari animals. Walkers outnumbered runners where I fell in the pack so I did my best to follow other runners through the crowds until space was easier to come by.

IMG_3485As I’ve been discovering lately, the first mile is usually the hardest one. I’ve been tackling four milers these past couple of weeks, and yet when my Garmin tells me I’ve only covered 0.56 miles. another 2.5 suddenly seems loooong. But then something shifts – around mile 2 I embrace the suck/the faster speed/the urge to walk and push on ahead. In the last mile, I was following two other woman zooming through the crowds, which helped me keep a good pace, and soon I found myself leading them to the finish!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetAt the end, I discovered I was 0.9 miles short of a true 5k, but I was happy to see I would have PR’d had I continued to 3.1 🙂 Despite slowing to walk through the crowds among the inflatables, I finished in 29 minutes, 25 seconds! My first 5k, Smoke the Turkey 2014, had a 31:xx finish. After the race, we grabbed a post-run beer and kept warm by dancing near the stage and taking advantage of all that is a Glo Run finish line – DJ, food trucks, black lights, photo walls. The dancing kept me warm until the rain started to come down a little harder and my fingers slowly turned to popsicles. Soon I craved a hot shower and oatmeal like nobody’s business. (The oatmeal was everything I imagined).

Banana, cinnamon oatmeal with pecans + blueberries.

I’m calling this weekend’s race a whole load of fun (even in the cold, even in the rain). It was good to get out there and take the running as seriously as I wanted and be able to dance it all off afterward.

Did you race this weekend? What kind of fun runs have you participated in? Any favorites?

Friday Five: Blogs to Love

I’m excited to link-up with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC, Cynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run today! This week’s theme is blogs to love.

[Blueberry maca muffins from]
  1. Running on Veggies: This is one of the newest blogs I’ve started reading, but I already have plans to make Lottie’s pre-workout blueberry maca muffins. I’ll post my results when I finish! Once you check out Lottie’s recipes, I’ll be surprised if you’re not motivated to try something yourself. I’ve got dark chocolate peanut butter banana overnight oats lined up next.
  2. Ginger RunnerThis is more of a vlog, but Ethan supplies overwhelming running inspiration and a lot of helpful information on different running products in his short films and videos. His review of the Hoka One One Clifton shoe convinced me try a pair on at my local running store (side note: they’re the best). Check out Altering Expectations, which follows someone completing their very first ultra marathon at the Oregon Coast 50K.
  3. Eat Pray Run DC: As I mentioned above, Courtney is one of Friday Five’s sponsors! This was the first DC area blog I started to read, and it’s a pleasure to read about running from someone who appreciates this city as much as I do. I especially love the training week and race re-caps – details this beginner runner enjoys reading. She also has great advice and transparency on starting or maintaining a blog!
  4. Fit and Faithful: I initially found Chelsy’s blog through Instagram (my favorite thing). She was training for her first 75K at the time, which is an incredible feat and distance! What really struck me, however, was her journey from a 5:11 marathon to a BQ and an ultra marathon! It makes me believe that goals that seem out of reach right now might not seem so impossible with a little more experience under my belt.
  5. Running Out of WineLisa lives in the nearby Baltimore area and is another one of those blogs I started reading right when I was getting into running. Reading about her weekly training and meal-plans fed my running bug!

Do you read any of these blogs too? What else do you suggest?