Let’s Talk About April

April is almost over (can you believe it?), but I wanted to acknowledge my goals for this month before it flies by and we’re chatting about May. I also wanted to note where I’m at before I move forward with training! My gains have been small in number, but they’re so big for me. I remember how hard it was to run one whole mile without pausing to stop, and now I’m finding strength in the third mile! When I’m lucky 😉

2015 progress report:

Since January, my mileage has varied from 3-12 miles per week and 1-3 runs per week. However, this March and April, I’ve been running at least two times a week but prioritizing three. I’ve been logging my progress and weekly workouts in the Believe Training Journal, and I’m a big fan!

January: 18; February: 26; March: 40; (Expected) April: ~45 .

Currently training for…

I’ve spent 2015 simply trying to establish the ability to run three times a week and (very) slowly increase my mileage. My next goal is reach 5 miles!

In regard to races, this weekend I’m running a 5K Glo Run race, which will be a good test of my current fitness, but I’m really working toward the 10k Capitol Hill Classic and ultimately, the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September.

April goals:

  1. PR in the 5K at the Glo Run!
  2. Set myself up to crush my next longest distance: 5 miles. (Finish 4.75 miles strong).
  3. Stay healthy! Watch out for any shin pain and re-incorporate shin strengthening exercises.

Let’s do this! What do you want to accomplish this April?

It’s Nice To Meet You

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Victoria, and I am a twenty-something living in Washington, D.C. I have been learning to run for less than a year now. Last June I signed up for my first race (a September 5-miler), but by July, I was experiencing deep, tender pain in my shin. I had transformed into an injured runner before I’d even crossed my first finish line.

If the early shin pain wasn’t already an indicator to you – I’d never been a runner before training to complete that 5-miler. In fact, I dreaded the 1-mile fitness test in gym class, and I don’t think I had ever run 2 miles without stopping to walk. I could count how many times I’d done that with a mile on one hand. In college I ran every once and again on the treadmill for fitness, and I would feel encouraged to pick it up more permanently, but it never took off. I always gave up. What was the point? (There were plenty of other machines and classes I hated less if sweating was what I wanted). And yet, as I have seen time and time again in other runner’s story’s — something finally clicked. I wanted to try again. This time, stuck.

I credit that first injury for keeping me motivated. I wanted to finish what I started. In fact, I couldn’t stop dreaming up more races, new distances. I caught the bug. I sought a running coach last fall and learned about foot strike and strengthening exercises. I ran hard drills on the National Mall until my lungs burned, and I biked home exhausted. I got better, and then the pain returned. I got better, and then the pain returned again. (This is where the ice packs came in). Finally (plenty of time-off running later), and I started 2015 ready to begin again. Smarter. Things were/are looking up.

And here I am. I spent a lot of time gaining inspiration from other running bloggers and decided it was time to throw something myself into that little corner of the internet world. Let’s do this.

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