Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Marathon, Week #1

I’m training to run my first half marathon this fall! I’ll be racing the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September and recapping each week of training on the Tuesdays leading up to race day. Thanks for following along!

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Welp, this training recap is up a day later than I had planned, but here it is! Sunday marked the end of my first week of training for the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September, and there are 11 weeks to go. It’s been a long time coming, and it’s great to be in “official” training mode!

I’ve been implementing a run/walk method the last two weeks in an effort to get in my miles without causing any shin or calf pain from running “too much too soon.” I hope to run all my miles again soon, but I’m just relieved to get through the first week with pain-free legs and three completed run/walks!

This week could have used a little dose of cross training, but I’ll work on it in week #2. I also need to remember to fill out my Believe Journal at the end of each day; my memory a week after the fact is no help.

While we’re on the topic of things to improve…I am so bad at tracking my run/walk miles with my Garmin. I’m so used to having it paused when I’m walking that I get halfway through my workout and realize I’ve been running or walking for ten minutes with a paused watch! Whoops. There is a run/walk setting on the Garmin, right?!

  • Monday (6/29): Rest
  • Tuesday (6/30): Core Work
  • Wednesday (7/1): 3.0 Run/Walk Miles (0.5 Mile Walk, 0.5 Mile Run, 0.5 Mile Walk, 0.5 Mile Run, 1.0 Mile Walk) + Myrtl + Strength Work
  • Thursday (7/2): Core Work
  • Friday (7/3): 3.0 Miles (0.5 Walk, 0.5 Run. 0.3 Walk, 0.7 Run, 0.3 Walk, 0.7 Run)
  • Saturday (7/4): Rest — spent the 4th of July holiday with my family!
  • Sunday (7/5): 4.0 Miles (~2.8 Running, ~1.2 Walking)

Also, the NAVAF Half shared a photo of the 2015 medals yesterday, and I’m so excited to get mine! Just 2.5 months to go… 😉

Get on my body.
Get on my body.

Have you ever tried a walk/run method? How was your week of training?