Monthly Goals: Looking Back on June

Today I’m linking up with MCM Mama Runs, My No-Guilt Life and Run the Great Wide Somewhere for their 2015 Goals Update at Tuesdays on the Run. I’ve divided my 2015 aspirations into month-to-month goals. If you’re interested, you can check out my May goals and May recap. I’ll share July goals tomorrow!

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We have some how flown through June, and it’s about that time to reflect on how well I met my monthly goals. Let’s see how I fared!

  1. Run/walk 3x per week. The first 2-3 weeks of June included steady runs 3x week, but I walked my mileage during the rest of the month when my shins/calves rebelled a bit. Let’s just say that I am looking forward to running again ASAP. I’ve written about how frustrated and down I’ve felt not running, but I’m happy I’m learning to listen to my body. I might need to consider a future running plan that takes my injury-proneness into account with a run/walk method as I begin to ramp up mileage again.
  2. Shin strengthen 4x per week. In the beginning of the month, I worked in a few more shin strengthening exercises into my routine, and I credit entering my 10K pain-free because I committed to them. However, increasing mileage struck me down with a little pain anyway. As a result, I’ve been a little nervous about continuing my shin exercises with the same rigor (will it exacerbate the pain?!), but I am slowly working them back in.
  3. Explore the trails. I haven’t running the trails, but they have been explored! I was able to climb rocks and walk the trails at Great Falls National Park earlier this month and have been enjoying walking my miles in both Rock Creek Park and on the C + O trail.
  4. Run a 10K. I wasn’t able to see this goal through in May, but I am happy to saw I was successful in June! I ran the Lawyers Have Heart 10K a few weeks ago, and it as exactly what I needed! It tested my legs and gave me more confidence in my running abilities. If you’d like, check out my race recap.
  5. Stick to my workouts. I have not been perfect, but I think i can give myself a solid B in this area! I’ve done a lot better at fitting in my workouts amid an increasingly busy schedule and have not forgotten how important how strength work is to keeping injury-free. I did, however, let myself be a little more relaxed in the second half of the month, post-10K race, because I knew the next three months are dedicated half marathon training.

Check in tomorrow for July’s goals!

How’d your June goals fare? What do you have planned for July?