Training Recap: Navy Air Force Half Marathon Week #9

I’m training to run my first half marathon this fall! I’ll be racing the Navy Air Force Half Marathon in September and recapping my training every¬†Tuesday leading up to race day.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 1.28.00 PM

Tuesday’s run was on a great new route through a hilly neighborhood I should take advantage of more often. On the other hand, Thursday’s run seemed like it would never end, and Sunday’s 10K wasn’t much better. The miles just didn’t tick off easily, and I was too concerned with how slow the minutes counted by on my Garmin.

On the bright side, I did a better job incorporating strength work this week, particularly for my core, glutes and hips. Every little bit counts, right? Now it’s Tuesday, and I’m already nervous for Week #10’s 9-miler, but I’m learning to trust the training. I’ll be running in New Orleans this weekend and squeezing my long run in on Saturday before the evening wedding. ūüôā

Here’s how week #9 breaks down…

Weekly Mileage: 16.2 Miles

What was your last week of training?

Thinking Out Loud: Two Months Down, One Month to Go

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons again for Thinking Out Loud. Thanks for hosting, Amanda!

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The weeks are¬†flying by.¬†I have just over eight weeks of training under my belt, and the Navy Air Force Half Marathon is less than a month away. It feels a little surreal, but I can’t wait to race. Get me to that start line! There’s a whole, beautiful fall, running season that I’ve never gotten to experience as a runner.

When I set out to document my half marathon training journey, I wanted to create a space in this little corner of the internet that I could revisit¬†as I crossed longer distances off my bucket list. I thought a little check-in could be a good place to start. Here’s a quick run-down.

  • Longest run… 8.0 miles
  • Highest weekly mileage…¬†Week #8, 17.25 miles
  • Monthly mileage...¬†Right now? 59 miles. By the end of August? 70 miles.
  • Training plan…¬†Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 Half Marathon Plan
  • Pre-run snack…¬†None! I do 90% of my runs in the morning before work and don’t eat anything before I set off. I do, however, carry a handheld filled with Nuun every time. I finish it during the duration of the run or during my cool-down.
  • (During) Running fuel…¬†I drink the aforementioned Nuun from my handheld and so far prefer Clif Bloks during my long runs (7+ miles).
  • Post-run snack…¬†I’ve jumped¬†on the chocolate milk bandwagon, especially since I’ve discovered my appetite is pretty low¬†post-long run.¬†Chocolate milk tides me over until after I’ve showered, and my hunger has returned. Then it’s usually an avocado/egg/fruit combo or oatmeal.
  • Go-to¬†route… For my shorter runs? I start¬†in NoMa, head south into the Capitol Hill/Eastern Market area and turn around to run home. Long run? NoMa to Union Station to the Capitol, across the National Mall, past Abe, across the Arlington Memorial Bridge and back home. I have yet to tire of the long run route, but I’ve been trying to switch up my shorter runs…
  • Favorite strength workout…¬†Oiselle Dirty Dozen!
  • Worst week of training…¬†any week I really slacked on cross training + strength work. I feel it.
  • Best week of training…¬†Week #6 back in the midwest. The perfect mix of new scenery (Lake Michigan), the best support system (my family), and plenty of cross training that felt more like adventuring (SUPing, hiking Sleeping Bear Dunes).
  • Least excited… about¬†waking up earlier and earlier for my work-day¬†runs (ZzzzZzzZ).
  • Most excited… about conquering 10 miles.
  • Most nervous...¬†about the jump from 10 miles to 13.1 miles on race day.

What are your answers to a few of these?