Weekend Wrap-Up: Oiselle Meet-Up, Pancakes + Rambles

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I know I say it every other week…but this time I really am going to let the photos talk this week! This weekend, I really only snapped photos that included food.

I’m missing one really big thing from the weekend, but I think I’ll wait until Thursday to share :- ) Some things are better left off the internet and enjoyed in the real world for a little bit.

Weekend highlight? Meeting many DC/MD/VA Oiselle Volee birds for brunch at City Tap House on Saturday! It was wonderful to meet some fabulous women I know online in person (hi, courtney + jenny!) and get acquainted with a group of completely new runners. The delicious breakfast was a just a bonus. I was sorry to have to run straight off to work afterward, but it was well worth it.

Photo via Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC
Photo via Courtney at Eat Pray Run DC

Weekend low? Perhaps Sunday morning’s long run…it was only a 10K, but I was ready to walk and turnaround home after just a mile. My lack of sleep is killing the quality of my runs and my attitude. On the bright side, it’s good practice pushing through some crummy miles! I kept chugging.

Weekend eats… (I promise I eat more than sweets. Maybe.)

Alex's homemade spelt flour pancakes, which I topped with berries, hemp seeds, pumpkin spice and maple syrup.
Alex’s homemade spelt flour pancakes, which I topped with berries, hemp seeds, pumpkin spice and maple syrup.
Westray's foodtruck ice cream parked in Gallery Place...three scoops to share. Who can choose just one flavor?1
Westray’s foodtruck ice cream parked in Gallery Place…three scoops to share. Who can choose just one flavor? I think the honeymilk + strawberries was my favorite.
One chocolate doom cupcake from Baked + Wired.
One chocolate doom cupcake from Baked + Wired.

How was your weekend? What’s your go-to brunch order?

Weekend Wrap-Up: Move-in Time + OISELLE VOLEE!

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.11.55 PMIt’s been two years since I’ve had to fill a car to the brim with all my worldly possessions and move to a new home. Sadly, it’s also the longest period of time I’ve been in the same house/apartment since I moved away for college. I’ve been in a very normal cycle of a new place each year, but this marks my first move within D.C.

The past couple of days have been crammed with packing, lugging, loading, lifting and shopping, but in the same vein, filled with joy in this new adventure. Alex and I are so excited to make this new place home, in the neighborhood we love, and my brain is already exploding with ideas for decoration.

First and foremost: a sassy welcome mat. Not kidding. I laughed at one I spotted in person this weekend…


I’m also searching for potted, flowering plants for the steps leading down to the apartment and eyeing fabrics for pillows. I am my mother’s daughter. She is the queen of sewing and can whip up elegant curtains and slip covers without hesitancy. I didn’t gain her talent with tread, but I did catch her love of color and prints.

However, before I delve any further, I need to flash back to Friday: the day I joined the Oiselle Volee! Excited does not cover it. I am over the moon to join this incredible, inspiring group of running women. I couldn’t wipe a smile off my face the whole day. After it was official, I took myself on a solo date for a vegan ramen bowl at DAIKAYA with a copy of Scott Jurek’s Eat&Run. I took the long way to let it all sink in. Seriously, best day ever. I’ll be proud to represent Oiselle in my race singlet during the Navy Air Force Half in September!



Now on to Saturday: a triple-shot-let’s-get-moving latte, a thirty minute wait at U-Haul with all the other coffee-toting couples (must be August 1st), and 11 straight hours of moving. Alex’s all-star coworkers volunteered to help us move, and I know, in no uncertain terms, that we could not have done it without them. Afterward, we treated them to guac, chips, tacos and margaritas at Chupacabra, but I am planning to whip up some serious “thank you” baked goods too. I cannot thank them enough. 


What feels like 1% of what we moved…
A peek of the new place before we moved in the boxes


That rowhouse was home, but on to the next!
Goodbye, little (big) house!

On Sunday, Alex and I left our very messy, new home to drive to Baltimore for the day. For our sixth anniversary, I bought tickets to see the Detroit Tigers play the Orioles and we decided to make a day of it. By Abby at the Young(ish) Baltimore‘s suggestion, we had brunch at SoBo Cafe, and I couldn’t think of a better first meal than a blackberry mimosa, cinnamon roll and eggs benedict on a homemade biscuit. Thanks for the recommendation!

After breakfast, we walked around Fed Hill before remembering that Arsenal was playing Chelsea for the Community Shield at the exact moment. We popped into a bar, were told where the local Arsenal bar was and headed straight to the Abbey Burger Bistro to catch the last fifteen minutes. Arsenal won! Ya Gunners ya! Then we beelined it to the game.


The game was great, the Tigers won, and Alex was happy. Win, win, win. As if that wasn’t enough to fill a Sunday, we even toured the National Aquarium, and made a spontaneous IKEA and Target run on the way home. People who don’t own cars in the city take advantage of them when the opportunity presents itself. I felt like I was sleep walking by the time we returned home and unpacked the car at 10:30pm. I still somehow packed to leave for Michigan/Ohio in the morning and enjoyed a whole five hours of sleep before my flight. Can I take a nap now?!

How was your weekend?