Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 16

Here is my final week of training leading up to the Chicago Marathon!

After two weeks of failed Tuesday workouts (week 14: egregiously hot, week 15: strapped for time), I knew I wanted to nail this Tuesday’s workout. It was only 24 minutes at marathon pace, but it was a good mental reminder of what I needed to run on Sunday and a way to get out a little nervous energy.

Saturday’s shakeout was meant to be run in Chicago, but after I woke up at 5a to learn that our train would be delayed at least an hour and a half, my husband convinced me to run it before we left. It was early, and I was tired, but it felt good to cross off that essential to-do item from a busy day.

Spoiler: I didn’t get my A goal on Sunday, but I did get B goal. Regardless, it’s hard to feel anything but proud when I PR’d by an hour and ten minutes, bringing my marathon time from 5:44:XX to 4:34:XX. Belated congratulations to the other Chicago Marathon finishers! It was a tough day to race, but Chicago showed up.

• Monday: Rest day

• Tuesday: 2 mile warm-up, 8 x 3 minutes @ marathon pace w/4 minute rest, 2 mile cool-down

• Wednesday: 4 easy miles

• Thursday: Rest day

• Friday: Rest day

• Saturday: 20 minute shake-out, 1.7 miles

• Sunday: Chicago Marathon (!) 26.2 miles

• Weekly mileage = 40

Thank you for following along these past couple months! The full marathon recap should be up tomorrow 🙂


Chicago Marathon Training Recap: Week 15

Here’s a quick rundown of week 15! It’s race week (!!!), and my brain is having trouble thinking about anything other than race day. I will be posting my race goals in the next couple of days, and in the meantime, I’m trying to determine a race plan to make the goal possible.

Tapering is weird. I’m so excited for race day, but I’m also equally excited to take a break from training, sleep in, and run for as long or as short as I’d like, when I like.

Week 15 had an extra prescribed rest day, which I gladly took, and a big cutback in the long run. It was supposed to be 6, but Tuesday’s run was shorter than planned, and I felt good!

  • Monday: Rest day
  • Tuesday: 1 warm-up mile, 2 @ marathon pace (10:07, 10:04), and 2 cool-down miles
  • Wednesday: 6.3 easy miles
  • Thursday: Pure Barre, followed by 5 easy paced miles
  • Friday: 4 miles, including 2 that were a little faster than intended…paced by the pup
  • Saturday: Rest day
  • Sunday: Aerial yoga + 6.7 mile “long” run
  • Weekly mileage = 27
Aerial yoga feels like flipping upside down on the playground when you were a kid.