Friday Five: Five Favorite Summer Activities

I’m linking-up with DC area bloggers Courtney at Eat Pray Run DCCynthia at You Signed Up for What?!, and Mar at Mar on the Run for Friday Five as usual! This week’s theme is Five Favorite Summer Activities.

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Last summer, I was still working at my fellowship and enrolled in graduate classes at night so it’s safe to say, I am looking forward to a summer free of homework. Here are a few of my favorite summer activities, which I plan on enjoying whole-heartedly these next few months:

NoMa Summer Screen 2014
NoMa Summer Screen 2014
  1. NoMa Summer Screen. Summer Screen is a free, outdoor film series that takes place every Wednesday evening in NoMa from now until the end of the summer. You just need a blanket, an optional picnic or a little time and money to visit a food truck parked nearby. I’m most looking forward to Singing in the Rain and snacking on a Pho Wheels creation 🙂 I used to have to run over from my evening class in Foggy Bottom, but I plan on getting there a little early this year and staking out a great spot.
  2. Eat Outdoors. This is the kind of season that draws me to choose new restaurants in relation to how nice their outdoor patio/open windows look. It rarely disappoints. I cannot be the only person who does this. I think Truckeroo might also fall under this category — AKA food truck heaven.
  3. Cheer on the Nationals/DC United. There are few things that feel like summer as much as trip to see the Nats play at Nationals Park in the Navy Yard. Also, if you live in DC, like soccer, and haven’t gone to see DC United —- do it! Just make sure you buy your tickets to sit with La Barra Brava. You won’t regret it. Just know they throw beer when the team scores…so choose that outfit wisely. It is outrageously fun. Get there early to join the march and chanting into the stadium from the tailgate area.
  4. Travel. This will be my first official wedding season, and I’ll be traveling home to Ohio for two of them, and I cannot wait to celebrate the happy couples. I’ll also by flying to Chicago later this month and am planning a few smaller trips nearby, including Baltimore to see the Orioles play the Detroit Tigers (my sudo-hometown team).
  5. Play Tourist. I’m looking forward to visiting a few Smithsonian museums I haven’t seen in a while, trying new restaurants and crossing some things off of my DC-to-do-list, including a trip to the top of the Washington Monument. I’d also like to visit Meridien Hill Park for free weekend yoga and the National Zoo (complete with a lemon ice).

What are you favorite summer activities? Any DC suggestions?