Weekend Wrap-Up: A Cranky Knee and A Virginia Wine Tour

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I’ve been feeling pretty low the past couple of days – sulking over my cranky left knee (IT band) – but on Sunday, as I reflect on my work this week, I’m feeling more positive. Before I hurt my knee a week ago, I was having trouble looking forward to my runs; they felt like a chore, and I was dragging.

This might just be the best time to reset, restrengthen and get back to training as a happier runner. This past week, I went to yoga twice, I cycled at the gym, I tried a spinning class for the first time ever, passed by belaying exam and went indoor rock climbing. These things were fun, and these things are keeping me sane until I can lace up my running shoes again.

On to the weekend! I kicked off Friday with that aforementioned spinning class: a Justin Bieber vs. Selena Gomez themed ride at SoulCycle Mount Vernon. It’s been on my to-do list for a long while, and it was just what I needed. The music is the best part of the class, and I’ll definitely be back. The classes are a little $$, but I’ll sign-up when I can! I may do a little write-up on the blog after another class or two.

The iStrategy Labs team + their partners at Rappahannock Cellars.
The iStrategy Labs team + their partners at Rappahannock Cellars.

Saturday was iStrategy Lab’s annual wine tour, and this was my second time going with Alex’s office. We visited Barrel Oak Winery, followed by Rappahannock Cellars. It was a long 8am-6:30pm trip and the bus ride home was longer than I would have liked, but it was ultimately a beautiful fall day out of the District and filled with a few of my favorite things: wine, a campfire, wood-fire pizza, and colorful fall foliage. It even had me considering the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon that Alex ran this year if I decide to go the spring half route.

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I’ll have all the tastings, please!


Getting a wine tasting from the barrel!
Getting a wine tasting from the barrel!
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Inside Rappahannock Cellars – if I weren’t already committed to a Mackinac Island wedding, this place would be high on my list for a reception venue!

On Sunday, Alex and I passed our belaying exams at Sportrock Alexandria and spent another hour climbing. I think there are few better trust exercises than having your fiancé ensure your safety as you’re tens of feet in the air 😉 Especially when I’m belaying for his six-foot-tall self haha!


What did you do this weekend? Have you been on a wine tour before?